The Sword Shark Mask is the third of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters. He's also the main antagonist in episode 45 of 1976 TV series called Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

He is voiced by Eiji Maruyama.


The Sword Shark Mask made his first appearance underwater as he used his jaws to bite through the pipeline causing the oil to leak out and into the ocean. A while later the Sword Shark Mask aboard the boat and sent one of the commanders to the deep blue sea. Once the Sword Shark Mask arrived at his destination he placed a bomb on one of the base and blew it up once he made a getaway from the explosion.

After destroying the first facility, the second and third were protected by the Gorengers. A while later Peggy spotted the Sword Shark Mask and immediately battles him and fires a tracker at his head. Once Momorenger is down for the count from the brutal attack the Sword Shark Mask left the area to blow up the remaining facility not before she contacted the others about the Sword Shark Mask coming towards them.

A while later he was at the 2nd facility and placed a bomb on one of the tankers once the task is done he'd immediately tries to flee the explosion, but he was then stopped by the rest of the Gorengers leaving the Sword Shark Mask to battle them if he wants to get away from the explosion in time. However Akarenger notice the bomb is about to go off, so he sent Midorenger to disarmed it while he holds the Sword Shark Mask at bay. Once they successfully disarmed it the Sword Shark Mask retreats the facility with the Gorengers on his tail, but he managed to getaway when he dove into the ocean.

Once they arrived at the destination the Gorengers deployed the Varitank (which is now used as a submarine) to follow the shark monster. However Magman orders the Zolders to open fire on the Varitank thus causing the team to sitting duck underwater. Speaking of which once the Sword Shark Mask arrived at the Varitank he used his own jaws and damages it starting with destroying the periscope.

Once they fixed the periscope they found the Sword Shark Mask's hiding spot and open fire on it sending the beast to dry land. Once he arrived to third and final facility he was about to place the last bomb, but the team prevented him from doing so. With that said he sent out the Zolders to battle the team. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Gorenger Hurricane which he somehow stops it with his teeth, but there was missile inside the ball and it went immediately into the monster's mouth, blowing him up.


  • Sword Shark Mask is extremely influenced by the shark from the 1975 film called Jaws, including the trademark emergence of a fin before he attacks and the Gorenger defeating him by blowing him from the inside with a missile.


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