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Sybannak is antagonists from seven episode of TV french cartoon Wakfu. Is a Sadida (like Amalia) who was abandoned by his clan when chaos seized the forest. Luckily knows seems she knows where the tree is with the bright sap.


In Dofus

She is the boss of the seventh mission: Venomous, meeting in the third and last fight of this one. Sybannak is invulnerable in itself, the only way to hurt her and therefore kill her is to attack with the special spell "Harvest of Severus" the Roots of Severum that she invokes at the beginning of the fight.

Wakfu Series

Arrived in the house of Sybannak, Ruel and Yugo where they are forced to pamper her by playing the minions for her. Despite their efforts, she still does not want to tell them where the tree they are looking for is located. Now they can not afford to wait any longer and prefer to go and find the tree on their own. Sybannak is furious to see them leave and throws a comb violently at them. But she misses them little and the comb will plant directly in the wall. Ruel then realizes that a luminous liquid oozes from the breach created by the comb. 

He then understands that the house of Sybannak is situated in the tree they seek. Ruel puts the sap in a jar and leaves with Yugo to join Amalia. But Sybannak does not intend to let them leave with this precious sap that she considers her property. She sends her carnivorous plants to retrieve the vial. Their long roots catch up with Yugo and take him back from the vial of Severus in his hand. Yugo is desperate because they no longer have time to go looking for it. Ruel reassures him and shows him four other vials that he had filled to be able to resell them because he knows the rarity of this product and hopes to get a good price. He gives one of the four vials to Yugo who tells himself that for once the venality of Ruel saved them.

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