Sydney "Syd" Weld is one of the two main antagonists of the 2018 Netflix original Benji, alongside his older brother Titus.

He was portrayed by Will Rothhaar.


As Carter and Frankie return to Sam King's pawn shop to get the money for their father's watch back, they discover a robbery. As Titus locks Sam in a closet, Frankie tries to rescue him and accidentally pushes Syd's mask off. Syd and Titus then kidnap the kids and drive off. Carter and Frankie make a strawberry trail to lead Benji to their hideout.

As Syd taunts the children with their father's watch, Benji arrives at their hideout. Benji manages to trap the kidnappers and their dog, Rott. As Benji tries to free the kids, the kidnappers escape. As they try to kill Benji, the dog leaps out the window to get help.

After Benji frees Sam, he leads the police to the kidnappers' hideout, but the kidnappers were gone. The next day, Benji gets Mongrel to lead him to the children into the basement. Titus tries to tell Syd that he doesn't want to go with him and the children, but Syd refuses to believe it. Whitney later realizes how much Carter and Frankie love Benji and goes back to the hideout to find them.

Whitney and Lyle discover the tunnel in the basement and drive off to the river to cut them off. After Benji and Mongrel defeat Rott, Whitney and Lyle ask Syd where the kids are and he claims that he hasn't seen them. As Benji leads Whitney to the children, Syd tries to escape from Lyle. As he is being chased, Rott turns against him and Mongrel corners him until Lyle arrests him. As Benji crosses the rope to the boat, Titus tries to kill him with a spear.

Benji leaps on Titus and he throws Benji to a wall before falling into the water and eventually getting arrested by Lyle. As the Cajun Captain tries to stop Carter and Frankie from escaping the boat, Carter knocks him unconscious with a fire extinguisher. Whitney and the children find Benji's unconscious body but soon realize that Benji survived.



  • Sam King's pawn shop lacks security measures. Since large quantities of valuables and cash are kept on the premises, real U.S. pawn shops always have extensive physical security to prevent unauthorized entry, particularly at a concealed entry like the one Syd and Titus use (and for this exact reason).


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