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Sydney Driscoll is a recurring antagonist on Pretty Little Liars. She was a supporting antagonist during Season 5, and the secondary antagonist for Season 7. Sydney is a secret friend of Jenna Marshall during High School. She returned in Season 7, where she is revealed to be the helper of Uber A and takes on the identity of "A.D." for them.

She was portrayed by Chloe Bridges.


Season 5

In "Miss Me x 100", Sydney is revealed to be a member of Mona Vanderwaal's Army and is working with Jenna Marshall.

Season 7

In "The DArkest Knight", Sydney distracts Mona Vanderwaal and Caleb Rivers so that Jenna can escape The Radley and try to kill the Liars with Noel.

In "Hold Your Piece", Sydney is sent by Uber "A" to make a donation at the Vogel Vision Institute under their name. She does so and "A.D." communicates with her via text to make sure she completed her task. She claims that "A.D." is just a client who prefers to remain anonymous.

In "Power Play", Sydney is revealed to be "A.D." to Aria. She claims that she shot Spencer and made the board game, but Aria notices that Sydney is actually communicating with someone else. Sydney then claims that her reason for this is because she wants to be on the winning team.

In "Till DeAth Do Us PArt", "A.D." is revealed to be Alex Drake, Spencer's twin. She reveals that Sydney was on the A-Team because Alex found out she was stealing from a bank and she fit the hoodie. Alex refers to her as a "one off".

Villainous Deeds



  • According to writers, Sydney's story was planned for a few seasons, with Chloe Bridges always sought for the role.
  • It is unclear if Sydney actually shot Spencer and made up the board game, or if she was lying under orders from Uber A. It is later revealed by Alex Drake that Sydney was indeed lying.
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