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I am no traitor, I am the true Demacia!
~ Sylas
Rise up brothers and sisters! Whatever they bring, we'll match it. Crush the oppressors, claim your birthright, and burn their kingdom to the ground!
~ Sylas
Brothers and sisters! See how easily your oppressors fall to your magic? How even the fattest of swine wither before us? That is why they locked us up! And why we will prevail! Their slaughter will be our liberty!
~ Sylas leading his rebellion.

Sylas, also known as The Unshackled, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, who serves as the main antagonist of Marvel Comics' Lux series.

Once a young boy imprisoned for his magical abilities, Sylas has now used that same power to escape from prison. Seeking freedom for his band of outcast followers, Sylas now leads a revolution of mages that seeks to destroy the kingdom of Demacia once and for all.

Sylas was the 143rd champion added to the game and was released on January 25, 2019. He is most commonly played in the mid lane.

He is voiced by Fergus O'Donnell.



They locked up a boy, but let loose a killer.
~ Sylas

Born to a poor Demacian family in the town of Dregbourne, Sylas was an outcast from the beginning thanks to his magical abilities. Horrified by this discovery, Sylas' parents convinced the young boy to turn himself into the Demacian Mageseekers, who would go on to use the boys powers to detect and arrest other mages across the country.

Adept of the Mageseekers

As an adept in the Mageseekers' ranks, Sylas began to find a new purpose in life to serve his country, but his time as a Mageseeker led the young mage to question his worldview, of both mages and of his country. For one, Sylas was shocked at the hypocrisy of the kingdom, with the wealthy elites of Demacia using magic in their everyday lives while at the same time decrying mages as a threat to the kingdom's existence, leaving the poor to suffer the consequences. Additionally, Sylas began to question the Mageseekers' cause the more people were arrested and punished under Sylas' watch, as pity grew seeds of doubt within the young boy's mind.

One day, as Mageseekers were investigating the Demacian countryside, Sylas located a mage who was nothing more than a young girl. Feeling sympathy for her, Sylas attempted to protect her from his comrades, but it was to no avail. As the Mageseekers moved to have the girl arrested, Sylas rushed to shield her, but when he brushed against her the young adept absorbed her magic and unleashed it in a terrifying, uncontrollable burst, leaving everyone in the area dead at Sylas' hands. Arrested for murder, Sylas was imprisoned in a cell with chains of heavy, magic-dampening petricite, where he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life.

A Single Spark

After 15 long years in prison, Sylas was visited by none other than Luxanna Crownguard, a young noble who was secretly a mage. Hoping to learn how to control her newfound abilities, Lux befriended the prisoner. But Sylas had other plans, for with Lux as a resource, he could use the girl's magic and knowledge of the outside world to his advantage as he looked for a way to escape. After slowly gaining her trust, Sylas convinced Lux to smuggle a forbidden text detailing the nature of petricite, which taught him to use the petricite to absorb other people's magic before releasing it.

Before Sylas could act on this information, the secret meetings between him and Lux were discovered, and in an attempt to hide the scandal, the Crownguards requested that the prisoner be executed the very next day. A desperate Luxanna tried to save her friend's life just as he was about to be beheaded, but in a turn of events, Sylas absorbed her magic, and unleashed a terrifying blast that killed not only the guards, but onlookers, civilians, and ordinary people of the Great City of Demacia. Lux, horrified at the display of murder, turned her back on her former friend as he broke into the prison and freed the other mages to support his rebellion.

The Revolution

Seizing on his opportunity, Sylas headed straight to the castle, hoping to use the magic within the petricite walls to kill the king once and for all. With Prince Jarvan IV as their prisoner, Sylas and his revolutionaries made their way to the king's quarters, but were shocked to find that he was already dead.

Angry that he would not be able to humiliate the monarch, Sylas decided to publicly torture the prince instead as a show of strength, but was eventually forced to flee the capital when he was confronted by Lux, Garen, and an army of Demacian soldiers.

Sylas and his closest followers are still at large, gathering exiled mages across the entire kingdom to join their cause. Most recently, Sylas has taken residence in the Freljord, where he has enlisted the Winter's Claw to help aid his revolution to overthrow all systems of oppression once and for all.


In game, Sylas is a burst-type champion, singling out vulnerable targets before unleashing a deadly blast of magical damage. Sylas can use Chain Lash to physically damage and slow his enemies, can use Kingslayer to use a magical blast, use Abscond/Abduct to dash to locations and briefly stun enemies, and can even use Hijack to absorb his enemy's magical power, stealing their ultimate ability to be cast freely at will.


Despite his firm ideals in freedom, justice, and equality for the mages and downtrodden masses of Demacia, Sylas has also proven to be a violent fanatic, brutally murdering anyone who doesn't support his cause. This makes Sylas morally-grey character, who believes that his extreme methods are justified as long as they accomplish his goals. Aside from Lux (whom he befriended), Sylas despises the noble houses of Demacia, with their hypocrisy being a large part of the reason behind his turn against the kingdom. Sylas is shown to not hesitate in exacting revenge on the nobles, even attempting to force-feed a rat to Prince Jarvan IV as a means to torture him. Despite this, Sylas is capable of mercy when he spares Garen's life at Lux's request. Above all, while Sylas believes in justice and freedom from all oppression, he believes in his own version of justice, and is willing to us any means necessary to make his version of justice a reality.





  • Sylas' name is most likely a reference to Silas, an early Christian martyr who is usually depicted with broken chains.
  • Despite hating Demacia, Sylas does not defect to the Noxians, suggesting that he dislikes their ideology as well.
  • Sylas currently resides in the Freljord, where he is seeking ancient magic and hoping to form an alliance with the Winter's Claw.


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