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Sylathus (sometimes spelled Salathis) is one of Mathias' three demon guardians and a minor antagonist in the 2011 fantasy/horror film Fading of the Cries.

He was portrayed by Lateef Crowder.


Sylathus is a shadowy and mysterious monster. He is a demonic spirit of vengeance who strikes fear into the hearts of those done wrong and takes their lives, but also likes to slay any person who summoned Sylathus to kill their tormentors and avenge their retribution. He was then came under the complete control of the vengeful sorcerer named Mathias, along with his two fellow demons Malyhne and Thurah.


Sylathus though born a demon, appears as a monstrous human-like man with long hair and a hideous scarred face. His body appears to be stained with so much blood, and that blood is that of his many victims.


Sylathus is a demon from hell, he was summoned along Malyhne and Thurah by the sorcerer Mathias to wreak revenge and havoc upon the townspeople and their church elders for the murder of his wife who was once resurrected the second time before her death. He and his three fellow demons disappeared back into the netherworld when Mathias vanished without a trace.

Centuries later, Sylathus and Malyhne were summoned by Michael who needed them to kill the man who murdered his family. They achieved his plan of revenge and but later turned on him.

Sylathus returned with his two fellow demons and began attacking people. He was later finally destroyed at Eckly Manor by the young swordsman named Jacob whom they killed earlier. he was chopped to pieces and dissolved into black blood after his defeat.