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Will somebody kill that f**king dog?
~ Sylvester annoyed by Shelby swallowing the squeaker.
~ Sylvester screaming at a kitten named Izzy.
I'm not f**king around, Todd! These other animals are stepping on my turf and I need them dead! Understand?
~ Sylvester trying to use Todd to get rid of Random Kitty and Gibbyson.

Sylvester, also known as Sylvester the Talking Kitty cat or just Talking Kitty, is the anti-heroic main protagonist of SteveCash83’s popular series also called Talking Kitty. He is also the reincarnation of Rufus.

He was voiced by the late Steve Cash, who also voiced Gibson.


Sylvester has been in every single episode of the Talking Kitty Cat series. Sylvester also made a guest appearance on 4Steves (another popular series on SteveCash83’s channel). He has an extremely bad addiction with catnip. Even though at first glance he seems like a truly malicious and evil cat, Sylvester has in the past shown he has some compassion for his family by helping out at times, despite the fact it's all hidden too well by his almost unapproachable nature. Sylvester's first owner was Todd McNaab, but he only lived with him while he was a kitten due to his death because of a fatal overdose, in his 3rd life, Steve Cash adopted him. He lives with Gibson (which he doesn't anymore due to his death in 2016), Shelby, Random Kitty, Gibbyson, and GG which he has pure hatred towards all of them and is planning to get rid of GG, Gibbyson, Random Kitty, and Shelby who he possibly got rid of (but failed as he was forced to give out his secret in exchange for catnip). But he sent Shelby back to the old house which they got kicked from because that was a rent. He is an old cat who is currently 12 years old. Born in Halloween 2007. His first appearance was "The Mean(er) Kitty Song" by Steve Cash.

First Talking Kitty Appearances

Sylvester's first episode was "Talking Kitty Cat #1 - Wake Up, Kitty!" when Steve tried to wake him up, he refused to. He started swearing at him, but at the last few seconds of the video, he finally got up, because Steve bribed him some tuna.

In Talking Kitty Cat #2 - Wake up, and meet the new dog!, Steve announces that his neighbor's friend's dog had puppies and brought one of them home, Sylvester was not happy about it but he was still asleep, Steve asked him to wake up to see the dog (Shelby) he was not happy at all, and refused to get up, so Shelby's first appearance was going to be this episode, but because Sylvester refused to get up to see Shelby, instead, her first appearance was Talking Kitty Cat #3 - Kitty Bath.


It was quick and painless, but then it got hot. Very, very hot. So hot it pissed me off.
~ Sylvester explaining his first time going to Hell after he was hit by a car in his first life.
Dear Diary, My human is an evil psychopath whose capacity for animal abuse knows no bounds!
~ Sylvester complaining about the fact that he's forced to wear a cone.
The Dog ate WHAT!? (Steve: You Heard me on the phone, huh?)
~ Sylvester surprised when he heard Steve on the phone that Shelby swallowed the squeaker.
Of course he survived intact, after all, this was one of his nine lives, 8 more kills and we shall be rid of him for good! I Can't wait!
~ Sylvester bragging about Gibson's near death after eating one of his treats.
Did I do that with my mind? I'm more powerful than I thought!
~ Sylvester thinking he has Mind Powers after when the broom fell over on Shelby.
You can't do this! Please! (Steve: Aw, it's unfair huh?)
~ Sylvester begging for wet food after being grounded for refusing to tell Steve who Todd is.
You're dead, Kitty, Todd's coming to get all of you!
~ Sylvester telling Random Kitty that Todd's coming to get her, Shelby, and Gibbyson
Get out of here, Dog Lover! I HATE YOU!!!!
~ Sylvester when he kicks Gibbyson out of the house.
There's nothing left to live for, GOODBYE STUPID WORLD!!!
~ Sylvester attempting to commit suicide after writing in his diary because he was grounded from wet food.



  • Sylvester is the artist of Stupid Stupid World, although this song is inspired of Gibson's song Scary Scary World
  • Sylvester was born on October 31, 2007, which is the same day as Halloween.
  • It is revealed that he has a good side by telling Steve Cash the directions to get to Todd's home to get Gibson back in Talking Kitty Cat #34 - Save Gibson, also Todd is seen peeking in the Window at the end of the video.
  • He taught Gibson to say "Help Todd".
  • In "Sylvester's Diary #7 - Sylvester goes to Hell", it is revealed that he has died 2 times, his first owner was Edna, this was his first life. he died by getting hit by a car. so he left Hell. and in his second life, his owner was Todd McNaab. whom Sylvester called his favorite human slave because he was lavished with Catnip and Wet food. he died from a fatal overdose. again, he escaped Hell. and he is currently in his third life, with his owner being Steve Cash.
  • In "Sylvester's Diary #1 - Penguins" it is revealed that Sylvester has a strong fear of Penguins because he heard about it in a documentary when the TV was on and it interrupted his sleep, and this is the only time that he gets a month and day right.
  • Sylvester may have redeemed after his owner passed away.
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