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So much untapped power!
~ Syndra
My potential is limitless. I will not be restrained.
~ Syndra

Syndra, also known as The Dark Sovereign, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. An Ionian mage who grew up with uncontrollable powers, Syndra was betrayed by her master and imprisoned for his murder, before finally breaking out to destroy any who would seek to oppose her.

The 104th champion added to the game, Syndra was released on September 13, 2012, and is most commonly played in the mid lane.

Syndra is voiced by an uncredited voice actress, whom also voiced Evelynn prior to the latter's rework.



Syndra grew up in the Navori region of Ionia, where her family hated her for her absentminded behavior. Whenever her they had bad luck, Syndra's family would blame her for no reason, and her older brother Evard often bullied her. One day, when Syndra was hiding near the village's sacred ghost-willow, Evard and his friends found the girl and laughed at her, throwing dirt and shouting insults. Eventually, Syndra snapped, and a swirl of dark magical energy formed into deadly orbs from her anger. Fearing for their lives, Evard's friends ran, but the damage was done, as Syndra's use of dark magic drained the ghost-willow of it's spiritual energy. The village blamed Syndra's family for the incident, and they were all forced to leave.

Afraid of their daughter, Syndra's parents left her with a hermit priest named Konigen, who offered to take Syndra in at a temple in Fae'lor to train her to control her magic. Syndra studied with Konigen for many years, but no matter what she tried, she could never gain control. Instead, she felt as though her magic was weakening, and Konigen refused to teach her any new techniques.

One day, Syndra confronted her master, demanding to know what he was doing to her. Reluctantly, Konigen confessed that he was dampening Syndra's powers for her own safety. This infuriated Syndra, who accused her mentor of betraying her before lashing out with her magic. Konigen tried to calm her, but it was to no use. In her rage, Syndra destroyed the temple and murdered Konigen, creating a shockwave so terrible that the Spirit of Ionia itself intervened to stop Syndra, trapping her beneath the ground in the Dreaming Pool.

A long time passed, and Syndra was left asleep for what felt like an eternity. Most of the world forgot she even existed, but some people heard the tales of the dark power lurking beneath the earth. When the Noxian empire invaded Ionia, Fae'lor fell under Noxian occupation, and the people who guarded the dark mage didn't know what to do. Some wanted to kill her, and some hoped to release her to aid them against the Noxians. However, when Syndra was released, neither of these things happened, and Syndra killed them all. Syndra didn't want to be someone else's pawn, and she certainly wouldn't let anyone else control her power ever again.

Tearing Fae'lor castle from its foundations, Syndra lifted the tallest tower into the sky and traveled far away, and hasn't been seen since.


In game, Syndra is a burst-type mage champion, using offensive spells to devastate single targets from a range. Her passive, Transcendent, grants her bonus effects once her abilities reach max level, such as bonus damage, spell width, or range. Syndra can conjure Dark Spheres to deal magic damage in a location, Force of Will to pick up and throw her spheres, and Scatter The Weak to knock enemies and Dark Spheres back with a wave of dark magic. Syndra's ultimate, Unleashed Power, has her throw all her Dark Spheres at an enemy champion, bombarding them with heavy magic damage.


Immense power is fun! You should try it sometime.
~ Syndra

Scorned by her own family and village, Syndra was raised to fear her powers, and thus, she slowly grew to resent everyone who sought to control her. With her newfound freedom, Syndra enjoys wielding absolute power, and will gladly use it to destroy and kill based on a whim. Having been outcast from her village and betrayed by her mentor, Syndra became very vengeful, murdering Konigen and raining destruction on Ionia before she was imprisoned. Now that she is free, however, Syndra is free to unleash chaos once more, but remains stubbornly independent from the outside world in her floating tower, as she is paranoid that someone may try to manipulate her and her magic again.





  • Having been imprisoned in the Dreaming Pool of Fae'lor Castle for a long time, she may be at least 100 years old.
  • Her name means "destruction" in Ionian.
  • Syndra's dance is a reference to the song "Hoot" by Girls' Generation.
  • Syndra may be a reference to Sindel from Mortal Kombat.


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