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Please remain still during the incineration process. Thank you.
~ Syntax

Syntax is a floating Artificial Intelligence and one of the secondary antagonists of the 2D platform indie game Freedom Planet. She serves as Lord Brevon's assistant in his plans of his galatic conquest.

Syntax can change into different forms during boss fights in order to help protect Brevon and his assets.

In the prologue, she brainwashes Prince Dail, following the death of his father.

She was voiced by Victoria Vitti.


Syntax is a black and grey Robotic AI that resembles a Cephalopod. She has a single green eye, a green upper head and two green tentacle-like arms, unlike the average six-to-eight real Cephalopods have.


Syntax is programmed to provide intelligence, planning and defense, serving to protect Lord Brevon and all of his his assets. Despite being a robot, Syntax is shown to have a sense of humor, as shown in Thermal Base, where she tries to trick the Player into stepping on a floor panel bomb, in which she will say "Just Kidding" if they do, and again in the End Credits, where she appears and has a slap fight with her robotic look-alike, Pangu.


  • Syntax has sharp spikes on the end of each of her arms, which she possibly used to brainwash Prince Dail in the opening cutscene.
  • Syntax is one of the villains from the original game to make an appearance in Freedom Planet 2.


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