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The Systems Administrator is a minor antagonist of the 1996 film Eraser. He is a Cyrez Corporation employee who is in league with Cyrez CEO Morehart, being involved in a plot (formulated by U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper) to sell rail-guns in the black market.

He was portrayed by the late Denis Forest, who also played as Sweet Eddy from The Mask.


It is revealed that the Systems Administrator is involved in an arms sale formulated by Harper to sell electronic pulse rifles to Russian mobsters led by the infamous terrorist Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky for a sum of $52 million, which may lead into a new era of world terrorism.

After Cyrez Corporation executive Lee Cullen procure two discs containing the evidence following the suicide of Cyrez Vice President William Donahue (who was a major player in the conspiracy), she gives one of the discs to the FBI before Kruger is assigned to protect her by having her to hide in New York City. However, the Systems Administrator was able to detect Cullen trying to access her disc from her home before informing Cyrez CEO Morehart and Harper, who ordered U.S. Marshal Robert Deguerin to kill both Kruger and Lee at all costs.

Being branded as fugitives following the deaths of J. Scar and his thugs, Kruger and Lee head back to Cyrez HQ posing as paramedics, where they accessed the disc to uncover more evidence of the scandal without being spotted by security. At first, Deguerin is upset by this and threatens to kill Morehart and James Haggerty for it, but the Systems Administrator is able to scan the terminals and deduced that the duo are actually in Donohue's office on the 25th floor. With this information, Deguerin was able to to kidnap Lee and deliver to the Baltimore Dock for the shipment while the System Administrator manages to destroy the disc, though Kruger is forced to escape again.

Fortunately, a mob witness Johnny Castelone (who Kruger saved earlier in the film) brought in his cousin Tony Two-Toes (who owns the docks). Kruger manages to take down many of Deguerin's men (including Agents Schiff and Calderon) while Johnny, Tony, and their men take down Petrofsky and his men. Kruger then proceeds to save Cullen and expose the rail-guns' presence to the arriving authorities, who then take a critically wounded Deguerin into custody.

With the scandal finally exposed, it can be implied that the System Administrator and the other Cyrez employees are arrested and taken to trial for their crimes while Harper, Degeurin and Morehart managed to escape away from all charges of treason and terrorism, though the three conspirators end up being killed in a train crash set up by Kruger and Johnny.


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