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T'ORB is a purple space orb who is a member of The Orb Experience. He first appeared in the Grojband episode "Space Jammin'", but later returns in "Hear Us Rock Part 2". He is the orb counterpart to Kon Kujira, but also has personality traits of Laney Penn.

He was voiced by Brian Froud.


T'ORB is a shiny, floating, purple space orb with a white line inside of him that serves as his mouth. His line forms the shape of a smile or frown dependent on his emotions and it squiggles whenever he talks or "flaxes".


T'ORB is very hesitant to G'ORB's plans and usually never agrees with him. He is always telling G'ORB that what he is doing is wrong but G'ORB never listens. However, T'ORB is very passive about this and is always tolerating it. It was not until the episode Hear Us Rock Part 2, where T'ORB finally stood up to G'ORB along with Mina, who stood up to Trina. T'ORB finally took charge and broke up the band and he forced G'ORB to apologize to all of Peaceville for trying to destroy the world.


  • "What did you do? We don't even have lyrics! We are do glankshnargle!"
  • "That's a quad in the pun receptacle."
  • "These, The Newmans seen like suitable husks. We must begin the delicate body snatching procedure."
  • "Ugh! He has the patience of a tetrahedron!"
  • "Hey there, you look like you want a reason to teach a friend a lesson. I'm T'ORB, follow me."
  • "G'ORB, son of L'ORB! I'm tired of all of your crazy plans to destroy the world!"
  • "We are forfeiting and this band is breaking up. Oh and by the way, there's no way of stopping the meteor so that parts on you. Have a nice day ... what's left of it."


  • Although he is the orb version of Kon, he has shown some similar personality traits to Laney Penn in the episode "Hear Us Rock Part 2".
  • T'ORB is purple, which is a color scheme which has been associated with Kon before, as Kon Dog also has purple fur.


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