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Catherine Weaver is a major character in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She is a Terminator sent from the future in an infiltration mission to insure the genesis of Skynet by influencing the technological development of humanity. Catherine is a T-1001 who has assumed control of technology company ZeiraCorp and is the recipient of The Turk.

She is portrayed by Shirley Manson, the lead singer of the alternative rock band Garbage.


At Jeira Corp headquarters, Catherine Weaver arranges to accumulate The Turk for $300,000. She then ominously calls a gathering of her department heads for later that evening. Weaver meets with Walsh, who is delivering The Turk, telling him about what makes the tiny computer so unique.

During Weaver's head meeting, she tells everybody that she is going to be pulling key employees from every department to figure on a brand-new "Babylon" division which she says will "change the world".

Two of Weaver's department heads discuss the Babylon-related changes within the men's bathroom at the corporate. After Matt Murch departs Justin Tuck goes to the urinal saying "God, that bitch pisses me off." To his horror, the whole urinal is revealed to be covered with mimetic poly alloy and Weaver slowly takes shape, standing ahead of him. Weaver may be a Series 1000-like terminator and terminates the disrespectful head.

She is next seen within the following episode, posting as a male representative of Automite Systems who declares his company's intentions of taking up the Seranno Point atomic power plant, announcing the introduction of AI to eradicate the likelihood of human error. the person then separates from the conference and morphs back to Weaver's form before driving away.


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