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The T-400 is a villainous Terminator appearing in the video game Terminator: Dawn of Fate.


The T-400 was an early prototype of the T-500. It was created during a series of tests regarding human autonomy. The overall idea was to create a Terminator that possesses a human's size, shape, motion, and mobility. The T-400 was made from materials that were cheap and not very durable. The materials were chosen because Terminators did not possess hyper-alloy or strong armor at the time. Despite the T-400's lack of effective materials, Skynet mass produced copies of it. The copies were deployed as expendable soldiers onto the battlefield. The T-400's new objective was to terminate human survivors.

Eventually, the T-400 was succeeded by newer and more sufficient models of Terminators. As a result, the T-400 was deemed obsolete. Compared to the newer models of Terminators, the T-400 wasn't able to sustain much damage caused by plasma rifles. However, Skynet still mass produced copies of the T-400. New objectives were assigned to the more recent copies of the T-400. Some copies were tasked with rigging explosives in enemy territory. Most of the other copies were assigned as guards for locations of Skynet's installations, factories, or prison camps holding humans. The rest of the copies were given the task of terminating human survivors.

The production of the T-400 ultimately ended after the majority of Terminators consisted of the T-500 and higher models.

Technical Details

Height 7'0"
Weight 1/4 of a Ton
Muscle 1,000 lbs
Exterior Chasis
A.I. Moderate


The T-400 utilized a fair amount of artificial intelligence. It was smart enough to walk, shoot straight, and follow simple orders. It was also able to distinguish the difference between its allies and enemies. The T-400's intelligence was limited, though. It was incapable of adapting to constant changes in the battlefield. The limited intelligence also impaired the T-400's ability to improvise during battles. This rendered the T-400 as predictable and easy to be outsmarted by enemies. Unlike newer models of Terminators, the T-400 possessed a very primitive CPU. Its mentality was comparable to either an ape or a very slow-witted child.


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