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Nah, I think we showed up right in the nick of time.
~ The associate to Frank West.
TK thanks you for your contribution.
~ The helicopter pilot to Frank West.

T.K.'s Associate and Bodyguards are supporting antagonists in Dead Rising 2 and in the what-if story of the video game, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. They work alongside Tyrone "T.K." King during his attempted heist of the casino vaults in Fortune City.


Dead Rising 2

After Chuck Greene learns of the heist, he destroys each drill while eliminating the occupying mercenaries along the way. After taking out the drills at Americana, Slot Ranch and Yucatan, he discovers from a message that a large armored van is breaking its way into a wall beside the Atlantica casino for one last attempt at money. Chuck arrives and kills each mercenary, prompting King to appear on the roof to check on the progress. The associate stands beside him, looking on as he becomes infuriated with the mess that's falling before him. Yet, he decides to continue on despite this setback, hitting his associate over the head as he walks off.

Later when Chuck learns of an attempted escape via helicopter at the Fortune City Hotel rooftop, he heads to the hotel and fights off more of TK's mercenaries in the elevator lobby. On the rooftop, TK is seen with the helicopter pilot and the associate loading what's left of the money into the helicopter and dropping a case while working on it. King turns around to scold him, calling him a fool while warning him to be careful with what's left of their money. It is then that this associate spots Chuck and points him out. King notices him, suddenly becoming worried about his plans and orders for them to take off, with King sitting in the passenger seat while his associate sits in the back next to a mounted minigun. Chuck runs quickly towards the chopper with a hook attached to a crane and lands it on the landing bars of the chopper, forcing it to stay on the rooftop tangled by the hook.

King's fury makes him decide to kill Chuck, by having his associate fire the minigun at him. Chuck dodges the fire, which is fired in about 10 to 20 shots a burst (though accurate enough to prevent most dodging, unless done by a roll or leap). Eventually, Chuck manages to destroy the helicopter's blades, which causes it to spin out of control. First, throwing King from the chopper (and forcing him to land on his back, injuring himself), then the chopper itself crashes on the helipad. The impact instantly kills the associate, as well as the pilot, while throwing King himself off to the side from the explosion (leaving him alive but unconscious).

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

The bodyguards reappears in the what-if game with the same role and are involved in new cases.

In the introduction, while Frank heads to the elevator, he hears a voice in the warehouse and enters in it, seeing TK with Brandon Whittaker, a member of CURE, handing the latter a bomb and a metal briefcase with money in it. After Frank takes pictures of the two, he is caught and attacked by TK's bodyguards for his infiltration. If the player defeats them, Frank will congratulate himself and walks out of the warehouse. If the player loses, Frank walks out of the room in great pain.

In Case 5-2: Kidnapped!, after Frank obtained one million dollars for Rebecca Chang's ransom, he arrives at the entrance to Shoal Nightclub. The helicopter pilot answers the door with a gun aimed at Frank and checks him for any weapons. He tauntingly tells that TK thanks for his "contribution" and informs him that his "girlfriend" is in the club. He also smugly encourages Frank to "have fun" before leaving with the money.





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