Dr. T. O. Morrow is the main antagonist of the Supergirl episode Red Faced.

He is portrayed by Iddo Goldberg.


Morrow created the military project R.T., a combat android intended to fight and kill Kryptonian, over the course of eleven years. Eventually, the project was ready to be tested and General Lane intended to test in in a fight against Supergirl. However, while Supergirl fought the Red Tornado, she damaged it so hard that it activated its self-preservation mode and flew off. Furious about the idea of a combat android going rogue, General Lane fires Morrow.

Outraged, Morrow eventually regains control about Red Tornado and uses the android to attack Lane. Eventually, Maxwell Lord finds out that Morrow is behind the Red Tornado's attacks. D.E.O. agent Alex Danvers tracks down Morrow to his hideout, where Morrow reveals to her that the only way to stop Red Tornado would be to kill him. He then attacks Alex but after a brief struggle is shot by her in the chest. Moments after, Supergirl destroys the Red Tornado.



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