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Hh. Them? Don't worry about them. You've got us now.
~ Heavy to Gray Mann.
Get them all up and running NOW! I WANT THESE IDIOTS DEAD!!!
~ TFC Heavy’s screaming villainous breakdown.

The TFC Heavy is one of the nine playable characters in Team Fortress Classic and a major antagonist in Team Fortress 2, specifically taking the role of the main antagonist in comic issues #5 Old Wounds and #6 The Naked and the Dead.

He is the leader of the Team Fortress Classic Mercenaries, hired by Gray Mann to hunt down the Administrator and retrieve the Australium stache she took with her into hiding when Gray took over Mann Co.


The Classic Heavy and his team are first seen briefly in the Catch-Up Comic in the 1930s, showing them to be one of the mercenary teams that were hired by Redmond and Blutarch Mann to fight their endless war with each other.

In the modern day TFC Heavy and his team no longer work for the two Mann brothers, having since been replaced by younger mercenaries. After Gray Mann murdered his brothers and managed to trick Saxton Hale into giving him control over Mann Co., the Administrator stole the Australium cache with which Gray wanted to fuel his life-extender machine and went into hiding. He spent six months looking for her, before giving up and hiring the Classic Team to hunt her down and get him his Australium.

While Heavy and his team weren't able to find the Administrator herself, they easily tracked down her assistant Miss Pauling, who also went into hiding and spent the last three weeks reassembling the modern mercenaries by the Administrator's orders. When Gray complaints that they have done nothing despite coming highly recommended, Heavy replies that the only reason they haven't attacked is because Gray wants the Administrator, not her underlings. Calling together his team to move out, it is also revealed that he hired the Medic.

Old Wounds

They confront Team Fortress in the ruins of the sunken New Zealand, where his Sniper introduces them by shooting and killing the modern Sniper. Unable to fight back due to a lack of weapons and the water rushing in, the modern team was forced to surrender. Back at Gray's headquarters, the TFC Heavy gave a report to Gray, telling him that they weren't able to retrieve any Australium but are currently interrogating her mercenaries for any valuable information. During their conversation, Heavy notes that he never understood people who want to rule the world, as by the time they do so they'll be a hundred years old and won't be able to enjoy it. Gray let it slip that he's already past that age, which intrigued Heavy. When he refused to elaborate, Heavy grabbed him by the throat and noted that he and his colleagues weren't getting any younger themselves, betraying Gray and taking him down to the interrogation room.

But before allowing his Pyro to torture Gray, Heavy changed his mind and simply ripped Gray's life extender out of his back so his Engineer can figure out how it works. Gray died of his wounds shortly after, though the mordern mercenaries were able to escape and kill several members of his team. In the meantime the Medic managed to revive the modern Sniper, much to TFC Heavy's anger. He told Medic that he was against hiring him from the start, as he not only blew their entire medical budget on various animal parts but also started experimented on them by implanting them with said animal parts without Heavy's approval. But as he ranted Medic's pet pidgeon Archimedes landed on Heavy's shoulder, who grabbed and smashed it into the ground.

While Medic rushed to save Archimedes, Heavy was notified of the mercs' escape and the deaths of his colleagues, further infuriating him. Medic was ecstatic to finally do some field work, but Heavy threw his Medi-Gun to the ground and ordered him to stay put. He then sent Gray's entire robot army after Team Fortress, who only survived thanks to the Medic betraying him and returning to their side as well as reinforcements and weapons provided by Saxton Hale himself.

The Naked and the Dead

While they were busy fighting the robots Heavy watched them on the monitors, baffled that they were still alive since they're not only idiots, but the laughing stock of the mercenary world. The Classic Engineer raised some concerns for their derailed operations, since he has never killed their contractor before. When Heavy showed him the life extender and told him of his plan for immortality, the Engineer mentioned that he wasn't sure if he could figure out how it works. Having enough of all this nonsense, Heavy took to the field himself and confronted the Medic, telling him that he's going to help them figure out how to attach the life extender to him.

Medic retaliated by slashing him in the face with his bonesaw and stabbing him in the abdomen, but Heavy simply stood back up and ripped it out of his side. He admitted he hadn't seen that coming and was looking forward to killing him. Medic tried to argue that he still needed him to figure out the device, but Heavy simply replied that get his answers out of the Administrator, since his now dead Spy managed to trick Miss Pauling into giving them the coordinates of her location earlier. But before he could do anything to the Medic, the modern Heavy held his minigun to his head, advising him not to hit the doctor.

TFC Heavy retorted that he'd been looking forward to finally fighting the big guy himself, upon which the modern Heavy put the minigun to the ground to allow him a good death via hand to hand combat. But TFC Heavy pulled out a gun and shot the Medic twice in the chest, killing him. After all, a two on one fight wouldn't exactly be fair. Unfortunately for him, he proved no match for his furious younger counterpart. When it became obvious he wasn't going to win, he tried to offer his immortality plan to the modern Heavy, who didn't care for it one bit. Pretending to reach for his handgun, which the modern Heavy kicked away, TFC Heavy attached the life extender to the wounds the Medic had made earlier, activating it.

With it boosting his strength the TFC Heavy managed to turn the tide of their battle, but was caught off guard by the Medic coming back to life, who cheated the literal Devil to do so. He distracted TFC Heavy long enough for the modern Heavy to rip his life extender out of his side, which caused him to start aging rapidly and his muscles to shrivel away. When Miss Pauling and the rest of the team arrived, a dying TFC Heavy asked her how it was possible for them to have beaten him and his team. They had been hunting down the Administrator's best teams for six months, yet these morons managed to best them. Miss Pauling could not give him an answer to his question, only that it didn't matter. The TFC Heavy then seemingly accepted his defeat and died of his wounds.



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