TV Heads may be unassuming when they are on their own, but as a group they become overwhelmingly powerful. When they are near ally TV Heads, bots, or minions they receive armor.
~ TV Head's description.

The TV Head is one of the secondary antagonists and the final playable character in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is a Browncoat Zombie that wears a TV and a table clock that takes part in fighting plants.

TV Head was first introduced alongside Wildflower in August's Minion Madness Turf Takeover event. He was later available through Rux's shop for 500,000 coins (or 1,000 Rainbow Stars).

Powers and Abilities

  • Unkind Rewind: TV Head's primary weapon, as he shoots rapid-fire tape ejector at plants.
  • Snack Attack: TV Head bites enemies whenever they are in his close range.
  • Armor Receiving: When staying near another TV Heads, Spawnable Zombies, and Build-a-Bots, his durability increases.
  • Commercial Break: He can leave a bucket that marks his next respawn point.
  • Yeti, Set, GO!: He can control a Yeti Imp that runs and explodes on impact.
  • Overheated Dinner: He can also throw a grenade that explodes and knock enemies backward.


  • Classic TV Head: This zombie is similar to the playable version of the TV Head, except he can only use his primary weapon, Snack Attack, and Overheated Dinner.
  • TV Conehead: This zombie wears road cone provides twice the endurance of the Classic TV Head.
  • TV Buckethead: The bucket protects this TV Head similar to how it protects the Buckethead Zombie.



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