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Tabii is a member of the Flower Scouts, Sasha's, pawn, and a recurring antagonist in Camp Camp. She will violently lash out against anyone who gets too close to Neil, whether they were romantically interested in him or not.


So far, her sister has completely misled her about how sex works, and trying to follow her relationship advice cost Tabii an eyeball. As of "The Lake Lilac Summer Social", Tabii has wised up to the fact that her sister doesn't know what she's talking about. Tabii has rather interesting ideas about how sex and reproduction work. Given her age and that she was going by what her sister said (or at least her interpretation of that), not too surprising.

Tabii is violently obsessive over Neil, to the point she tries to kill a Waitress just for gushing over Neil pretending to be a waiter, said incident leading to her eye.

When she put her mind to it, Tabii was actually one of the better actors in Preston's play (which says more about the quality of the play than her acting ability).


She's quick to anger when Neil doesn't notice her, and at the Lake "Lilac Summer Social", unlike Erin who was more discreet in her manipulating Neil to get Snake interested in her, Tabii is openly rough and rude to Snake in her manipulation of him to get to Neil, openly treating him like crap.

In one of her attempts to woo Neil, she covers her face sloppily with loads of make-up, including a fake eye on her eyepatch. The result looks like a particularly violent Monster Clown, and Neil runs screaming at the sight of it.


  • Tabii is has a sister (probably older) who apparently gives her information about boys and romance, though the sister is yet to appear in the show.
  • in "Bonjour Bonquisha", her left eye is damaged by a fork, the injury evidences by an eyepatch she wears in her following appearance. The extent of the damage and the eye's possible removal after the incident remains unknown.
    • This could probably be a reference to her first appearance, which clarified her name "Tabii" with two eyes, as now
  • She is similiar to Star Sapphire from DC Super Hero Girls.
    • There are both Girls
    • Both have a crush on the characters, Hal & Neil.
    • Both stalk there love interests
    • Both are dimwitted
  • She is shown to be racist as shown in the episode "Cookin' Cookies" alongside Erin & Sasha where she states that they were in Mexico and breaks it down into syllable by syllable thinking that Mr. Guzman didn't know english.


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