Stupid weak people!
~ Tabitha to her enemies.

Tabitha is a cruel and vindictive CO for Intelligence Defense Systems and the secondary antagonist of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. She the eldest daughter of Caulder and one of his clone children.


Tabitha is first seen receiving the prototype Talon Gun from Caulder to use against Brenner's Wolves. After the Talon Gun was destroyed, Tabitha asked her father for more "toys" to use against them but Caulder told her to fall back so he could analyze the data that he gathered from the battle.

She and her siblings Penny and Cyrus were later given the bomber plane "Great Owl" to use against the 12th Battalion. When Isabella left to go join IDS, Tabitha explained to her that she was originally a clone of "Lutaria", a clone daughter of Caulder whom Tabitha had killed after going too hard on her in a training session, and mocked Isabella for thinking she was her sister, telling her she was worthless.

Right before the Great Owl's Will boarded it to rescue Isabella. Hearing something coming from the hangar, Tabitha asked Penny if anyone was there but, after consulting her "Mr. Bear" doll, Penny denied anyone being there. Tabitha then instructed Penny to board the Great Owl and take off in it. When Penny asked if Tabitha would be accompanying her, Tabitha informed her sister she would be staying with their father to help him in his experiments.

Following the rescue of Isabella and Penny's defection over to the 12th Battalion, Tabitha engages the heroes for a final time and is defeated.

Tabitha would disappear after her defeat and the death of Caulder, with what happened to her afterwards being unknown. Even Penny did not have any idea of her whereabouts and would not say that she had died, seeming to imply that Tabitha is still out there somewhere.


  • Since Isabella is also a clone daughter of Caulder, this could make Tabitha her sister.


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