Taboo is the name of the group tha works in secret behind the scenes within the Demon Realm. If the Demon Lords are the public face of the Demon Realm, than Taboo is its dark underbelly. they seek to conquer not only the Demon Realm, but the entire world as well.
~ Elena talks about Taboo.

Taboo is the major organization that appeared in the android mobile video game, Valkyrie Crusade and is the main antagonistic faction in the whole game's story. While their past have not yet revealed, their main goal became clear as they seeked to conquer the Celestial Realm, Demon Realm, and the rest of the world. In order to achieve their ambitious goal, they were hunting down and collecting the Demonic Relics in order to harness their powers to use them to conquer the entire world.


Not much was known of Taboo's origin of where they were from, though it was revealed that they were from the Hidden Lands which were located between the Terrestrial Realm and the Demon Realm as they  They later captured Ortho as she and her friend Elena were exploring the Demon Realm and brainwashed her to become their servant. 


Taboo is the most powerful faction as the major members called the Demonwitches who possessed vast and powerful magic, including the miasma which exceeds the Demon Lords. 


  • The name Taboo was actually named after the vice of prohibition on something based on the cultural sense that it was considered as forbidden to ordinary people.
  • Calamity and the other Demon Lords seem to have a past encounter with Taboo as they were responsible for placing Calamity with the Miasmic Curse, which triggered on the entire story of the game.
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