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Tact Arusahorun Faubley, also known as Takt Alsaholn Faubrey, and The Whip Hero is a major antagonist in The Rising of the Shield Hero, being the overarching antagonist of Phoenix Arc (Volume 15) and the main antagonist of War of Heroes Arc (Volume 16).


Tact is described by Naofumi as a handsome man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looks like a stereotypical westerner, a close resemblance of Motoyasu Kitamura.

He wears a rough jacket and pants which doesn't match his culture. He wears a crown hidden under a bandana which also doesn't suit him either.


Tact is arrogant and egotistical to the point of a god-complex. He believes he is above everyone and can't do anything wrong as he is stubborn to the point of refusing to admit any fault in his actions. Tact's arrogance and hubris has lead to Tact to cause mass destruction as the most notable example came from the cardinal heroes not praising him and deciding to take their power as his own to "save" the world and "prove" himself to be the one true "hero".

However, despite his massive ego and belief that he was incredible and without fault in battle, Tact has proven that he is fact naïve and childish to an almost unbelievable level. Tact also has a lack of intelligence as even king Aultcray Melromarc XXXII who was once wise, deemed Tact as nothing but a gigantic moron as every choice he made was bad. His naivety and lack of understanding the implications of war is further seen in his apparent hypocrisy that after killing thousands of innocent lives, he is outraged when one of his companions is killed and was incapable nor interested in understanding the reason for her death.

Tact has a huge weakness for women just like Motoyasu as he commanded his companions to kill all the men and capture the women for himself. He also '"freed" women that he deemed to be brainwashed to be part of his harem and killed their families if they offered any resistance. He also decided who would be his alchemist based on which one was infatuated with him.


Naofumi travells to Faubley in order to track down the mystery behind the Whip Hero. They find Tact on his throne. The queen identifies Tact as the Seven Star Whip hero and asks where the Faubrey king is. Tact reveals that he killed the king. With that, he attacks the queen with the same attack that caused the Phoenix bird to explode and kill Atla. Naofumi blocks the attack while the rest of the hero's party jumps at Tact and his companions. At Naofumi's surprise, the legendary shield which has been with him since he had arrived in this world, shattered to dust. Naofumi's arm was bare while Takt suddenly had a shield on his arm. With that, Takt declared that he had the power to steal legendary weapons. Naofumi suddenly realized that Tact had done the same with all the other Seven Star Heroes which had been uncooperative. Takt then gravely injures both Naofumi and Queen Melromarc. Overwhelmed by the fact that Tact have level 250+ henchmen.

While Naofumi and Queen Melromarc are in treatment for their wounds, Tact declares war over the Faubley country. He uses his newly invented airplanes to lay waste to countries who resist him. Tact claims to be "the son of gods" and sets his aim on defeating the remaining 'evil' Seven Star heroes and legendary heroes. It is hypothesized by the heroes that Takt has the innate ability to steal other people's abilities. He was initially trying to keep a low profile but accidentally revealed his power. Now, he is forced to go full-throttle on his world domination scheme. It is revealed to Naofumi that Takt cannot use the full power of the Legendary weapons he steals since he doesn't have enough power. He has essentially stolen the shell of the Legendary Shield. During his crusade across the world, Takt is shown 'freeding' women by casting magic on them to make them think that he is their lover. As Tact ends up killing the family at any resistance.

Regardless, Naofumi and Fohl defeat Takt with their Legendary Shield. Tact then gets arrested and sentenced to death for pulling the Seven Star Weapons through illegal channels.

After seeing her henchmen executed, Tact tries to apologize by saying that his harem were reset to level 1. During the torture, he unintentionally revealed that there was someone behind his plot to take over the world but wouldn't say who. After seeing his sister executed and being rejected by the woman he brainwashed, Tact cries asking for the benefactor to come back to life with a do-over. As he summoners a vacuumer monster that jumps out of the stage and ends up devouring her soul.


  • Itsuki hypothesizes that Tact has the innate ability to steal other people's abilities.
  • Tact may have been previously reincarnated by a mysterious benefactor.


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