Tactical Droids are intelligent droids created to serve as commanders of the Droid Army. They were later upgraded to Super Tactical Droids. They serve as commanders in Separatist armies and fleets, and sometimes as servants to Separatist leaders and commanders. Unfortunately their artificial intelligence made many of these droids impatient, pushy, and arrogant. This lead many of them to believe themselves superior to organic leaders creating a sense of arrogance and overconfidence. This overconfidence lead to numerous CIS defeats until the Seperatists decided to create the Super Tactical Droid, which had more success.



Unidentified Tactical Droid (Christophsis)

When Asajj Ventress went down on the ground where the droid army is, she commanded a Tactical Droid to give orders to Colonel Whorm Loathsom.

Unidentified Tactical Droid (Aayla Secura's ambush)

This droid served in the Seperatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars. In 22 BBY, he led his droids to capture a Galactic Republic Information Bunker. Unfortunately, he failed to survive.

Unidentified Tactical Droid (Naboo)

On Naboo, a Tactical Droid and two other Battle Droids were to carry out orders while Dr. Nuvo Vindi was planning to release the Blue Shadow Virus back into the galaxy. The speeder he rode on was destroyed, but the droid was captured. He was interrogated but Jar Jar Binks accidentally destroyed it.

Unidentified Tactical Droid (Malastare)

This Tactical Droid served as a commander for the CIS army on Malastare, and led the droid forces on the verge of conquering the planet. However, he alongside the other droid units were destroyed when the Republic forces dropped the electro-proton bomb on them.

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