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Tad the Imaginary Friend is a minor character on Tiny Toon Adventures. He is Hamton's imaginary friend and the main antagonist of the Ask Mr. Popular episode segment A Pigment of His Imagination. He is a muscular pig who has long brown hair and wears a green shirt and blue pants.

A Pigment of His Imagination

Tad appears in the Ask Mr. Popular episode segment A Pigment of His Imagination as the main antagonist. When Babs and Plucky are picking players for their soccer teams, Hamton feels ignored, as they fight over Sweetie Bird instead of him. When he gets home angrily, he wishes he had a best friend of his own, so Mr. Popular suggests having an imaginary friend. Hamton imagines the all-around perfect imaginary friend, a muscular pig who prefers to be called Tad.

At first, Hamton and Tad were friends, although Tad was a little rough because he was muscular. However, when Tad meets Hamton's friends in the park, he joins them in a game of soccer and is immediately popular, much to Hamton's jealousy. Later, he throws a party at Hamton's house and invites everyone except Hamton, whom he sends away on a taxi. When Hamton returns, Tad does everything to keep him out of the house. He also trashes the house, which Babs disapproves of.

Finally managing to get back into his house, Hamton makes everyone get out, as he still thinks they hate him. Plucky and Babs tell Hamton they don't hate him and apologize, also telling him he doesn't need an imaginary jerk like Tad. Realizing his friends are right, Hamton no longer needs Tad, who shrinks down to the size of an ant and is eaten by Sweetie Bird. Hamton's friends continue the party in his honor.


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