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Let us fight!
~ Tae Kwon Crow confronting the Skylanders.
Who dares disturb the Great Hawkmongous?!
~ Tae Kwon Crow's most famous quote.

Tae Kwon Crow, also known as the Great Hawkmongous, is a supporting character in the Skylanders franchise, serving as a supporting antagonist and trappable villain in Trap Team, and a supporting protagonist in Imaginators.

He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.


At first encounter, Tae Kwon Crow appears to be a friendly bird and would even play a game of Skystones Smash with his opponents.

However, in reality, he is an evil and cruel Sky Pirate who will not hesitate to destroy anyone in his path. He was also somewhat egotistical and loud-mouthed as he describes himself as "The Great Hawkmongous".

He also cannot comprehend when someone was better at something than he was.


Skylanders Trap Team

Tae Kwon Crow appears as the leading villain of the fifteenth level, Skyhighlands. He encounters the Skylanders twice, though with no knowledge of who they are, and challenges them to Skystones Smash. On the third encounter, however, he sends the air pirates to attack the Skylanders, and then fights them himself, stating that he will not allow the Skylanders to use the air pirate's prism to help them find the Golden Queen.


After being trapped for two years, Tae Kwon Crow decided to give up his life of crime and become a Sensei of the Ninja Class.



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