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Taiga is an anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star. He serves as the Green Light general of Gento Koken and replaces Jakoh's oldest son, Jask.


He is first seen silhouetted in episode 114 among the Gento Koken fighters seeking to avenge Solia by hunting down Kenshiro.

In episode 116, he and Boltz are ordered by Jakoh to keep eyes on Shoki and Falco.

In episode 118, Taiga watches Falco getting reprimanded for his failure to kill Kenshiro and reminds him they serve the Celestial Emperor Jakoh. After Shoki is mortally wounded, Taiga is ordered to watch for any signs that Falco will betray the Emperor.

In episode 119, Taiga is beside Jakoh when they hear reports of Kenshiro breaking through the capital. When the lights go out, Jakoh goes on a scared rampage cutting through his guards and stabs the Green Light Gento general in his leg.

In episode 120, he finds Jakoh's throne room breached by Ein, Bat and company trying to find the real Celestial Emperor. Ein charges at him, but Taiga shoots a Gento Ryokko Hidan ring. After Bat's company is dropped through a trapdoor, Taiga is reminded to not leave his master's side.

In episode 122, with the tide turning against the Celestial Emperor's army, Jakoh tries to send Taiga after Falco and Kenshiro. But the Green Light general tells him to try and do that himself. When Jakoh threatens to execute him, Taiga simply deserts him. With Jakoh dead, Taiga later corners Lin and a soldier named Saya in the catacombs. He vows to head to a land where Falco won't find him, and that Lin is coming with him. Taiga then activates the explosive detonator that destroys the Imperial Capital taking Lin as his prisoner. That night, Taiga takes Lin to the last known sea in the world planning to take her across to a very unfriendly island, the Land of Asura.

In the following episode, Taiga had taken Lin to the Land of Asura, but then he and his troops were slaughtered. When Falco arrived, Taiga warns his former comrade that Lin will be an "Asuran bride" and that Hokuto and Gento will die out on the island, before dying of his injuries.

Powers and Abilities

Taiga's usage of Gento Koken allows him to shoot green lights.


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