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Takato Shiramine is the user of the Rey Kivat to become Kamen Rider Rey and the secondary antagonist of the movie Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle of the Demon World.

He was played by Shouma Yamamoto.


Takato Shiramine was the top agent of 3WA who was rivals with Nago while he was a member of the organization. Shiramine researched Kiva and developed the Rey System from but, as normal humans were unable to sustain using it, Shiramine was willingly baptized into a servant of the Legendorgas so he could use the system.

Takato Shiramine first appears when two Legendorgas are attacking Kiva and IXA. He becomes Kamen Rider Rey to fight them off and causes them to flee with Takashi Sugimura. Shiramine later meets with the two at a cafe and explains the Legendorgas to them.

As Kiva and his friends are fighting the Legendorgas, Rey appears and attacks them, revealing himself to be a servant of the Legendorgas before kidnapping Megumi and Yuri Aso. While the Mummy Legendorga fought Otoya, Rey battled Nago and was destroyed by him with the Ixa Judgement.


Kamen Rider Rey

  • Height: 205cm
  • Weight: 87kg
  • Punching Power: 17t
  • Normal Kicking Power: 8t 
  • Jumping Power: One Jump 30m
  • Running Power: 100m for 5 seconds
  • Special Move: "Blizzard Claw Execution" (destructive power 28t) )
  • Ray Persona - Ray's persona with an artificial demon stone on his forehead. Innumerable connection terminals like capillaries are arranged inside and connect with the brain of the wearer Tento. You can use the functions of Raysuit at your own will.
  • Browning Shoulder - With large battle claws mounted on both shoulders, you can move it freely at the will of Tento. Its grip strength is as high as 9t, and it can be used as a sharp steel spear with its claws extended, in addition to absolutely restraining the enemies facing it.
  • Catena - Gigantic Claw is condensed and stored inside with 3 huge artificial demon stones. Reiki Bat's wake-up call catches Tento's brain wave connected to the persona, and the restraint is released, and a huge gigantic claw appears. In order to prevent the outburst of this claw, which has tremendous destructive power, a catena made of snow white metal has been excessively restrained.
  • Blizzard Hand - There are innumerable blizzard holes in the palm, and by ejecting the blizzard mist generated by the Reiki bat, it is possible to emit cold air of minus 200 ° C, which is close to absolute zero.
  • Blizzard Mail - Made of the ultimate reinforced synthetic fiber called Perfect Synthetic, it can work comfortably in all environments, including scorching and frigid. Supple and tough. It is an artificial reproduction of Kiva's Doran Mail, and its strength is comparable to that of Doran Mail.
  • Sensor Hair Rung - The hair on the chest, which looks like hair, is a bundle of microfibers with a diameter at the nanometer level, making it a very good environmental measurement organ. The temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration, etc. around the ray are instantly measured, and the power drung behind it creates a comfortable suit condition according to the situation. The same sensor hair is also installed on the back of the head of Ray Persona, which helps to tell Tento to pick up the surrounding situation.
  • Reiki Bat - Since Ray itself is an artificial rider that imitates Kiva, the belt that becomes its power generator is also a bat robot that imitates the Kivat tribe. A small robot equipped with a very good self-supporting computer, it is a transformation terminal for Ray and also acts as a staff mecha who gives advice during battle.
  • Blood Vessel (blood vessel pattern) - An energy flow path that uses the Reiki Bat as the core and distributes the energy generated there throughout the entire body of the Ray Suit.
  • Blizzard Armor - Armor made using a superalloy called Snow White Metal based on 87 titanium, which has the same hardness as Ixa Platinum used for Ixa's armor. Its design is based on Kiba, is resistant to external shocks, and is as light as paper. In theory, it is impossible to destroy it even if it is hit directly by an anti-tank gun.
  • Silva Knee Armor - With snow-white metal knee armor, knee-kicking with intense leg strength shatters even the armored version of heavy tanks. Impact resistant gel is placed on the back side to reduce kickback at the time of hitting as close to zero as possible.
  • Powered Anklet - It is a power generator that increases the destructive power at the time of kicking by several tens of times, and has two artificial demon stones in the ankle part. Due to the effect of this artificial demon stone, Ray can exert kicking power and jumping power far beyond ordinary people.



Takato Shiramine

Kamen Rider Rey


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