Takemitsu SeiRyu
Takemitsu SeiRyu is an antagonist from the Extinctioners universe who made his debute in Extinctioners #11 (which was a crossover between Extinctioners and another independent comic, Androzons).

Takemitsu was the head of a research facility in Najap, one of Alden's many altered countries - developing Androzon (similar to cybernetics, only much more advanced) technology and was the ultimate spoiled brat, having inherited everything he had from his father and never truly having to work for much in his life.

Furthermore Takemitsu's position of power was guarded fiercely by his two personal body-guards, Akema and Akera - twins who were saved from death by Takemitsu in exchange for becoming his personal body guards (since then the three have engaged in behavior far beyond that of employer and employee).

Takemitsu also convinced his father to "buy" Satoru Aka - a lower ranking native of Napaj, aged only 13 and forced him into becoming his servant due to the cultural "laws" of the land.

However with time Satoru became aware of the selfish nature of Takemitsu when his own scheming almost resulted in Satoru's death and was set free his servitutide.

  • Takemitsu is a giant panda, making him similar to a "nobleman" whilst Satoru was born of the "lower" class (red pandas): in many ways Takemitsu is an opposite to the Extinctioners hero known as Pandora Lee, who is also a "higher class" native of Napaj but while Takemitsu is selfish and scheming she is compassionate and (for the most part) honest.
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