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The "Taker of Heads" was a Marvel comics super-villain, an enemy of the vampire-hunter known as Blade.


Jean, the child of a woman from the dictatorship Ile Pabo and a Loa (a voodoo spirit), tore his way out of his mother's body when he was born.

His sister Angela and Jean were seemingly taken in and raised by Ile Pabo voodoo priest Rene Giscard.

Eight-year-old Jean worked as the Taker of Heads for the voodoo priest Rene Giscard. When they moved to a mansion in Boston Giscard sent the Taker of Heads as a patriotic service to Ile Pabo to after fugitives from their island nation. The Taker decapitated them for his master, but after the fifth death Blade took on the case.

When Giscard was hired by Hydra's D.O.A. to kill the Nightstalkers Giscard sent Angela to lure the Nightstalkers' Blade to his hideout. After Blade slew Giscard's henchmen "Bolt-Guy" and "Hairy" Giscard sent the Taker of Heads at Blade. Though Blade drew first blood Taker's sword easily snapped through one of Blade's shortswords. When Blade was going to finish the Taker he was stabbed in the back by Angela, who didn't want her little brother Jean to get hurt by Blade. Giscard explained Jean's origin and why they had lured Blade there. Blade pulled the knife from his shoulder and threw it at the Taker. When it got stuck in Taker's head he jumped at Blade, who kicked him in the gut. Taker accidentally stabbed Giscard through the chest and was then decapitated by Blade with his second shortsword, which Blade had picked up again moments before. Blade left his corpse behind in the burning building and was leaving while firefighters arrived.



The Taker of Heads possessed superhuman strength and wielded a cleaver-like sword. He possessed wings, green blood, three horns at each side of his head, razor sharp teeth and a carapace on his head. Child-like due to his age he was an expert decapitator. He had memories reaching as far back as his birth.


  • Despite often being depicted as evil beings in fiction, the Loa are not considered malevolent in the real-world religion of Voodoo.
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