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Takeshi Kido is a major antagonist in the fantasy dystopia series The Man in High Castle.

Kido is the chief inspector of the Kempeitai police force of Imperial Japan in San Francisco of the Pacific States of America. He is loyal to the Japanese Empire and although performing his job well, regularly takes pleasure in putting down, tormenting, and killing any non-Japanese to show domination regardless of their actions. He's quick to be the first obstacle for any American resistance to the rule of the fascist nations.

He was portrayed by Joe de la Fuente.


Season 1

Kido is tasked with taking charge of the Kempeitai in San Francisco to establish the totalitarian rule of the Japanese Empire, and many of his cases concern the defiance of American citizens to their rule. Trudy Walker, one such member of the resistance is transporting the films of High Castle, supposed propoganda-fueled depictions of an Axis defeat in WW2. Kido pursues and shoots her dead, and begins to hunt for her relatives on the suspicion that they may be harboring refugees, resistance members, or more illegal material. He traces the whereabouts of Trudy's sister Julianna Crain and arrests her boyfriend Frank Frink as she flees to the Neutral Zone to escape with the tapes. Frank is beaten and tortured, along with a resistance member in captivity. As Frank doesn't know anything Kido suspects he refuses to comply and takes in his sister and her two kids as suspects, wasting no time in executing them with fire before finding out they had nothing to hide after all. Frank becomes bitterly angered.

Frank is released from arrest and makes an attempt to kill crown prince Akihito, but is beaten to it by a sniper. Kido is assigned to the case and traces the sniper to be a German officer as suspected, and shoots him.

Season 2

After Juliana is made enemy of the Resistance for helping Joe Blake, Kido investigates the shootout between Kempeitai officers and Resistance members. He attempts to have Juliana extradited by John Smith back to the J.P.S, which he refuses hoping that Juliana will have some kind of use to the Reich for information and high castle.

Kido also continues the pursue other resistance members and even captures Frank's brother in law Ed Mcarthy to find information on him and his workplace, even threatening to kill the employees in the gun factory for pleasure of putting the Americans in their place. He allows Ed to go free, allowing him to get information on the Yakuza, realizing that he betrayed the empire for monetary gain from Germany and that it was a plot to bring war to the empire. John Smith also exposes acting Furher Martin Heussman being the conspirator of the shooting and has Heinrich Himmler arrest him. In the meantime, Kido catches Frank red handed infiltrating the Kempeitai HQ to kill him and General Onada. Frank takes the shot at Kido but his deputy Yoshida takes the bullet and saves him. Kido survives the explosion and makes it his mission to find Frank.

Season 3

Kido has to postpone his attacks and containment of the Resistance when Japan is threatened with war, but his friend, trade minister Nobosuke Tagomi brings a tape from when he travelled to the alternate America where the Allies won, depicting the testing of the nuclear weapon on Japanese soil. Showing this to John Smith halts the war, this combines with Martin Heussman's arrest halts the threat of San Francisco being bombed by the Reich. He is also preoccupied with investigated further hostility of German spies on Japanese soil, and discovers that Joe Blake was killed by Juliana, who is still on the run for feeding Reich secrets to other Resistence members. Kido also discovers that his new sergeant Nakamura was selling them out to the Resistance and Germany to prove the point of his American heritage being equal to Japan's, leading to Kido stabbing him to death.

Kido also manages to stalk Juliana's companion Wyatt Price and Ed's new boyfriend Jack. He uses the latter and shop owner Robert Childan to get information on Frank's whereabouts and manages to arrest him while he's admiring an anti-Kempeitai Resistance logo. Kido takes Frank to a desert and admires the effort he put into bringing the Kempeitai down. He states that he showed mercy to Frank once and won't make the mistake again, before beheading him.

Season 4

After Tagomi is murdered in a shootout, Kido is tasked with finding his killer and turns his attention to the rising Black Communist Rebellion as suspects. He finds the black shooter but realizes that his firearm doesn't belong to him, and after thorough investigation traces it to radical members within the empire, consisting of high ranking Japanese generals who have either made allies of the resistance or with Germany, or rather just desire to take the empire for themselves. Kido also deals with a shootout intended for him and a few generals who end up being killed at Childan's auction. The BCR, who have allied rebels in China and India also identify trading routes for Japanese resources and weaponry, and place multiple serial bombs in the city and harbors disguised as shoe shipments. The growing attacks prompt a retreat for the empire in America and the citizens flee to Japan. Kido also bonds with his son Toru after initially shunning him for questioning the empire's rule. Before he can leave the J.P.S himself he's attacked by American rebels and nearly lynched, but the B.C.R intercepts him and offers to give him a trial, a privilege he has not granted any of his coincidental non Japanese citizens. Kido begins to realize how radical and cruel he is and offers to take position with the new yakuza to re-build an American government.