Prince Takmet (simply known as Takmet) is the secondary antagonist in the 2002 film The Scorpion King.

He was portrayed by Peter Facinelli.


Son of King Pheron, Prince Takmet betrays the last free people and reveals Memnon their intent to send threeAkkadians including Mathayus (later known as the Scorpion King) to killed his psychic sorceress Cassandra.

To do it, he brings him as evidence, as well as his pledged allegiance to Memnon the severed head of his father. Due to his betrayal, the mission of the three Akkadians fails while Takmet is immediately added in Memnon's thanks as he now serves his new emperor.

In the end, he is killed by another free tribal leader Balthazar as punishment for betraying his late father Pheron.


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