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Takofanes is an incredibly powerful Lich from Champions Online and a Cosmic level threat who normally remains isolated from the living world until the monthly event known as the "Blood Moon" - in which he arises and attempts to lay devastation to the world via raising the dead, creating zombie-versions of heroes who sacrificed their lives in the Battle of Detroit and forcing them to fight for him via trapping their souls in ancient crypts as well as appearing every now and then in person to oversee the carnage.

Takofanes can also be faced by heroes every Halloween, which is the only time of the year that the dreaded Lich can actually be temporarily defeated - since during the Blood Moon he is generally unable to be harmed: heroes fighting only his zombie minions and avatars. Due to the "Blood Moon" occuring once every month and the high-level drops and achievements available Takofanes is one of the more well-known and popular Cosmic villains in the game (next to Grond) and despite him being an extremely dark and twisted villain in-game fans have joked slightly on his name due to it often being shortened in chat to "Tako" (which resembles the food "Taco" ).

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