Tal (full name: Tal Hanson) is Nora Silverberg's former boyfriend and the main antagonist of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. He is an amateur musician who was Norah's former lover and friend with benefits. He was a complete jerk to others including Norah's new boyfriend Nick O'Leary and their friends. He than got headbutted by Letharo, a friend of Nick and Norah's, which ended in Tal's humilation.

He was portrayed by Jay Baruchel, who also played Dave Stutler in Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.


Before Nick leaves to go to talk to her, Norah tells him how nice it was to meet him, but he leaves without a response. An upset Norah meets up at a club with her friend with benefits, Tal, but soon realizes that he has an ulterior motive and hopes to get a deal for his band with Norah's father, a record producer. She agrees to pay for Tal and his friends' drinks, but she tells the waitress to increase the tab because there was a miscalculation, and she leaves him to pay. Nick, meanwhile, decides to confront Tris, but she tells him she wants to be together again and asks for a ride home. Tris asks Nick to stop by the river, where she tries to seduce him. Whilst she seductively dances in front of the car, Nick reminisces fondly about Norah and the night's events and drives away, leaving Tris behind.

Nick calls Norah, apologizing for leaving, and she agrees to meet him again. Deciding to go somewhere where no one they know will find them, they arrive at Electric Lady Studios, a music studio owned by Norah's father. Once there, Norah gets Nick to play something he wrote in the studio, but then joins him in the recording room. Inside, they kiss and it is implied that Nick fingers her to orgasm. Norah gets a text message from Caroline telling her where she found Where's Fluffy? playing. When they arrive at the show, they meet Tris, who cannot understand why Nick will not take her back, and Tal, who wants the same answer from Norah. Tal starts a fight with Nick, but Thom and Dev's friend, Lethario, steps in and headbutts Tal. Nick and Norah share a smile and leave together. At Pennsylvania Station, Nick admits that he does not care about missing the concert, and they kiss on the escalator as the sun rises over New York City.


  • Tal's actor, Jay Baruchel said that the film Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist was "by far the hippest movie I've ever been in — that's for damn sure".