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Weakness, sentiment, allowing this white worm to contaminate the horde. These are the crimes of Tars Tarkas. We are united because we cull our freaks. We are strong because we despise weakness! Let them be crushed like unhatched eggs.
~ Tal Hajus

Tal Hajus is a supporting antagonist in the 2012 live action film "John Carter". He is a Thark Warrior who frequently disagrees with the Thark Jeddak (King), Tars Tarkas, who he believes is a traitor of their kind.

He was portrayed by Thomas Haden Church, who also portrays Lyle Van de GrootThe Sandman and Dwayne LaFontant.

John Carter (2012)


Tal Hajus is a member of an alien race known as the Green Martians, he hopes to be the next king of his race. With the time being, their present king, Tars Tarkas takes the position. Jealous, Tal then hopes to take over and try to claim his supposed to be spot from Tars, however, this always fails due to being stopped by Tars, he makes allies with a few of his fellow martians and that one day, hope to be a great king.

Present Day

Tal, now a great warrior of his clan, still hopes to become king. When his leader and a pack of martians (Including Tal) find the outcast John Carter, who they mistake his name for "Virginia", his hometown in the U.S.. Carter then gets supposedly punished by Tars, which was actually an opportunity to go to his hometown, with a few of martians and outcasts, Tal thinks that Tars has betrayed their clan, he is now the king of the martians.

When Tal has captured Carter and Tars, they were punished themselves in an arena filled with two White Apes, who are caged torture monsters. Eventually, he was astonished by Carter's power, saving Tars, who barely survived the pain of the White Apes, whom Carter killed both with his dagger. Outraged, Tal then challenges Carter for the throne so he could not look embarrassed in front of his race and does a face-to-face duel, Carter and Tal then attack, however, the duel did not last long due to Tal being decapitated immediately, killing him for good.


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