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"Do you see the irony in all this? No, not yet, it seems, but you will...."
~ -Talals final words.

Talal is a villain from the video game "Assassin's Creed". He is a Templar, and the third target that Altaïr has to kill. He belongs to the Saracen, and is a slave trader.


Talal is one of the most feared criminals in Jerusalem. He operates a large slave ring, however, the guards ignore it completely. He takes the mad and the diseased and sells them as slaves, transporting them to Acre. He has many henchman wo are willing to give their lives to protect his. Talal is very quick-witted, agile and he is an expert bowman. He takes pleasure in taunting his enemies before killing them.


Talal is assassinated by Altaïr, after the latter tracking his movements throughout the rich district of Jerusalem. Altaïr finally discovers and infiltrates his slave warehouse. Talal starts taunting Altaïr and placing his men around him. He then orders his men to kill Altaïr, but he proofs himself to strong. Talal flees and tries to hit Altaïr with his arrows, but Altaïr catches up to him and delivers the final blow with his hidden blade.