Not An Anti-Villain

I dont think Luclifer should be listed as an Anti-Villain because he is too evil. He committed genocide on the Kurta Clan so he could steal their eyeballs and use them for money and raided and auction so he can steal the prize. People would say hes an Anti-Villain because he is polite to even his dead friend Uvogin, but what he did for Uvo was disgusting. He destroyed and entire city, betrayed a princess, and tortured a guy for Uvo. People would also say hes an Anti-Villain because he admits that his comrads lives mean more to him then his own, but he also stated that he sees no difference between a human and a puppet. He a cruel, brutal, sadistic, genocidal, destroying, manipulating, monster that deserves death. Im not saying he should be a Complete Monster, (He's far from being that) just not an Anti-Villain. Sirgigalot (talk) 20:45, August 18, 2016 (UTC)

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