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Body Count

The article states that this version of Joker has a body count of between 19 and 30 people, but to my memory, I can only think of one time when the Joker actually seemed to kill anyone and that was in The Batman vs Dracula, in which a vampire-ised Joker attacked Gotham City Blood Bank and it certainly looked like he killed the receptionist. Can someone please tell me where this figure came from?

Two things: One, you forgot to sign your name. Two, since there was no evidence of the existence of vampires during the movie, it can be assumed that the woman was turned into vampire as well. Mugiwara1994 (talk) 21:56, June 28, 2020 (UTC)

I have seen all episodes and the movie and Joker doesn’t kill anyone. Laughing gas is non-lethal. (Romeo and Robot (talk) 18:09, July 10, 2020 (UTC))

Pure Evil?

Is this version of Joker truly pure evil. He seems nicer to Harley, and he does have a good side to him which Batman meets in his mind. Mugiwara1994 (talk) 20:15, August 24, 2020 (UTC)

I myself have to agree. He doesn’t kill anyone in the show and his worst action was trying to blow up all of Gotham in “Joker Express”. Firefly, Francis Grey, Hugo Strange and the Joining attempted ether the same thing or much worse in the case of the Strange and the Joining. Tony Zucco and Black Mask actually kill people unlike joker and with less resources. He shows Harley Quinn genuine affection (like buying her a diamond the size of a softball), helps the police fight the Joining, is played for laughs and is implied to have a tragic backstory in “Strange Minds”. (Romeo and Robot (talk) 20:31, August 28, 2020 (UTC))

Can someone make a Pure evil Removebale proposile. Ive seen all epiosdes of the show and Joker is not as evil as his DCAU counterpart because he never yells or disrepects his henchmen. I cant make one since Ive only been on the wiki for 2 months. Namsham1 (talk) August 29, 2020