Complete Monster?

Since I don't know whether to decide if she should qualify as a complete monster, since she seemed to show some remorse. I'll leave the rest for all of you to decide whether if "Traitor Girl" is a monster or not. (Swoobatman (talk) 05:44, July 8, 2014 (UTC))

Absolutely not. It's highly, highly questionable whether she even is a villain. There was literally one clip that made her appear evil... and that was way too confusing and enigmatic to confirm her as a villain.  THE DREADED ONE AWAKENS 05:55, July 8, 2014 (UTC)

Neither do I believe that she would be truly evil (or even deranged).RileyGronlundSuperMario (talk) 21:25, March 26, 2020 (UTC)

the ambiguous smile

i don't think the girl wanted that to happen, and as for the smile it just was on the nervous Lucy's mind, an hallucination and she just wanted to make fun of her not killing the puppy, and in my opinion it was tomoo the one who crossed the moral event horizon. there's a reason why: A similar aspect appears when the mentally unstable Kurama holding the clone of Mariko, Cynthia, denies affection for Nana. We're presented with what Nana sees as both Kurama and the clone smiling smugly at her. The issue here is that the clone is dead and stopped smiling a while ago. It would appear that while the girl told Tomoo about the puppy and knew that Tomoo would do something cruel, she didn't realize he would go as far as to kill it.

and I believe in her remorse and she's not a monster.

I would add her in grey zone category because is not known if she's a villain or not.Donkeykongcountry1994 (talk) 12:42, June 24, 2016 (UTC)

I agree with your opinion, though that smile still scares me somewhat, hallucination or no.RileyGronlundSuperMario (talk) 21:25, March 26, 2020 (UTC)

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