"Urban Legend"

Bro there's no way in hell or heaven or other supernatural plane of existence (for reference watch Rick and Morty or Cosmos) that someone believes that Siren Weirdo (he's also known as this in some circles) is real. Bro you gotta take that off. Like nobody believes in SCPs. So this is not an urban legend, because to be an urban legend it needs to be believed by someone.

Can you imagine that someone, or something, rather, that is so mentally deficient to believe this clearly faked video that appeared in like, Chills compilations and maybe some idiot's twitter timeline shares 99.9% of your genes? Yea i don't. if this is some sort Take that urban legend bullshit off this page or i will have to add Villains Wiki to the Bad Wiki Wiki.


A concerned netizen.

Can we please unlock Siren Head?

Trevor Henderson Mythos is an ever-evolving series and the creator has already released new official lore on the creature. The issue with the picture has been resolved and discussed in great length on the Discord server.


GodzillaFan8889 (talk) 23:30, May 3, 2020 (UTC)

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