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Would Walter be considered the overarching antagonist of El Camino?

Deisel (talk) 05:12, October 12, 2020 (UTC)User:Deisel 01:12, 10/12/2020 (EST)

not sure if overarching but definitely a posthomust antagonist

Additional crimes

Indecent exposure, Manslaughter, Extortion, Reckless driving, Psychological abuse

We can says for all of breaking bad story .

Agree with "Additional crimes"

Add the "Additional crimes" stated before and also Money laundering. Btw indecent exposure was in season 2 episode 3 when Walter did his "fugue state".

What kind of mastermind

this is a recent change, but id argue walter white is much more of an egotistical mastermind than a tragic one, especially overall its been his ego that drove him to do the things he does and not just his cancer

I agree, he should be changed to Egotistical Mastermind.