This Edit War has to stop

Seriously, enough is enough. I was greatly disappointed not to have my favourite video game Big Bad as the final boss, and dislike Yuga, whom I find bland. Nevertheless, it is BLATANT that Yuga is in control when merged and was NEVER really loyal to Hilda in the first place. I assume you heard of TV Tropes' "The Starscream"?

  1. Yeah, Impa foretells the return of Ganon, and she is right. She simply did not foretell that the Trope Namer of "Hijacked by Ganon" would be the one hijacked for once. Hilda clearly says that Yuga took over Ganon and is siphonning his power.
  2. Yuga is the Lorule counterpart of Ganondorf, someone who feigned alliegance to the King of Hyrule. Why would his counterpart not do the same? Hilda and Ravio are different from their counterpart, true, but not that much.
  3. After the reveal, Hilda acts like a desperate Well Intentioned Extremist, ready for the worst to save her kingdom. From the very beginning, Yuga acts like the arrogant, malevolent scumbag he really his, and retains the same demeanour and way of speaking after merging AND after the betrayal.
  4. Before merging with Ganon, Yuga calls Link a "wriggling worm" several times and rants about "erasing ugliness in this world (Hyrule) and any other (doubtless reference to the soon-to-be revealed Lorule). After the merging and more importantly after betraying Hilda, he states that he despises Lorule as much as he despises Hyrule; raves about the beauty of his Hilda painting like he did about Zelda and even Ceres; finally he says to Link that "the worm has wriggled enough". How more BLATANT could it be that he never changed?
  5. YuGanon's speech bubbles sport YUGA's name for crying out loud!!!

Balthus Dire (talk) 16:09, December 15, 2013 (UTC)

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