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Let's finish this quickly.
~ Talon
My fingers are pebbled with a thousand scars, each a single tiny step on my path toward the Edge, that unattainable perfect state I strive for. I spin the knife in a quick, practiced orbit, then again. And again.
~ Talon in "The Name of the Blade".

Talon, also known as The Blade's Shadow, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends.

One of the deadliest assassins in all of Noxus, Talon was adopted into the Du Couteau house for his skill alone. After the disappearance of General Du Couteau, Talon now scours the land for his adoptive father's whereabouts and will kill anyone who steps in his way.

The 82nd champion added to the game, Talon was released on August 24, 2011, and is usually played in the mid lane.

He is voiced by Travis Willingham, who also voiced Isaac Frost in Fight Night Champion, Black Zetsu and White Zetsu in Naruto, Zavok in Sonic: Lost World, Scabrous Scrotus in Mad Max, and Harvey Dent in Batman: A Telltale Series.



Deep in the underbelly of Noxus, a nameless orphan began his life as a lowly thief and freelance assassin. This assassin was deft and precise, and soon became renowned as one of the most dangerous people in the Noxian underground. He became known as "Talon" by those that feared him, and the Noxian guilds soon felt threatened by the assassin's growing reputation.

In an attempt to nullify this new threat to the empire, Noxian agents were sent after Talon; he would either join the Noxian ranks or die. However, Talon preferred to work alone, and these assassins never returned alive. For a time, this worked, but Talon was eventually defeated at the hands of General Du Couteau, the father of Katarina. The General offered Talon a place under Noxian High Command, and seeing no other option after his defeat, Talon accepted and pledged his services to the Du Couteau house.

Operating from the shadows, Talon carried out secret missions for Du Couteau across Valoran, but when General Du Couteau went missing, Talon was unsure what to do next. He could easily claim his freedom and become a freelance assassin once again, but Talon respected Du Couteau too much to simply leave without a second thought. Thus, Talon made his next mission a quest to locate the vanished general, and find those responsible for his disappearance.


In game, Talon is an assassin-type character, using Noxian Diplomacy to leap to and strike enemies, Rake to throw daggers at them, Assassin's Path to leap over walls, and his ultimate Shadow Assault to utilize his stealth and a circle of spinning blades to finish enemies off. Talon's passive, Blade's End, makes his abilities wound enemies, stacking up to three times to deal damage over time.


Talon is portrayed as an arrogant and deadly perfectionist, valuing swift and clean kills above all else. He is obedient and efficient in his tasks, but despite his generally merciless approach, Talon does occasionaly show an honorable side to his cold-blooded killings. When General Du Couteau sent Talon to assassinate his daughter for her failures, Talon spared Katarina's life when she dodged his attack and gained his respect (in spite of their clear rivalry).

Though he prefers to work alone, Talon is also shown to deeply value his new family, taking on their name and greatly respecting the Du Couteau house even after the General's disappearance. What simply began as a contractual obligation became something more for Talon even if he doesn't want to admit it, and his determination in locating the General is indication enough that he misses the closest thing to a father he ever had.





  • Talon is the one who gave Katarina her signature scar.
    • Because of his inability to defeat her in combat, he named his knife "Katarina" after her.
  • The name "Talon" was not Talon's original name and is simply what people called him, as his cloak and blade vaguely resembles a bird. As far as we know, Talon has no actual name.
    • Despite this, Talon adopted the name "Du Couteau" in honor of the house he serves and General Du Couteau.


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