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Talon is a terrorist organization and the main faction opposite to Overwatch in the titular video game and it's sequel Overwatch 2.


Talon was established before the downfall of Overwatch and as such had steadily grown bolder and more powerful since Overwatch's disbanding via the Petras Act. Members of Talon were clad in black body armor complete with helmets and face-obscuring ballistic masks. However, these soldiers appeared to be mere rank-and-file grunts; Talon commanded enough technological and scientific talents to create and field far more lethal operatives such as Reaper, Widowmaker and Sombra.

Talon appeared to be closely connected to Blackwatch and through them by default Overwatch. Former Blackwatch member McCree noticed that Talon operatives were using Blackwatch tactics during an attempted raid on a hypertrain and at least one member of their strike force appeared to recognize him raising implications about the two organizations; this may have been how they were able to kidnap Amelie Lacroix and recruit Gabriel Reyes.

At the moment, very little was specifically known about Talon's overarching objectives or the reasoning behind their actions; however, their methods were undeniably villainous. They were exceptionally ruthless and perfectly willing to kill civilians and other noncombatants simply to cover their tracks. Recent activities suggested they had interests in rekindling the conflicts between Omnics and humans; this implies they may considered a pending alliance with the Spanish-based anti-Omnic gang Los Muertos.

The organization is lead by an enigmatic group of super-criminals. Little is known about them including who most of the members were other than that they were the ones who decided what Talon did. They include individuals such as Reaper and Doomfist.


Agents and soldiers
Paramilitary forces
  • Talon Troopers
  • Talon Enforcers
  • Talon Snipers
  • Talon Assassins
  • Talon Heavy Assaults


Talon High Council

Known Field Members And Operatives

Paramilitary Forces





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