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Talos are moving statues and supporting enemies in God of War series.


Bronze Talos

Bronze Talos
Bronze Talos is a minor enemy in God of War III. Bronze Talos are giant, living bronze statues that weilds a giant club.

In the game, Kratos encounters them in Poseidon's Chamber. The Bronze Talos are very similar to the Stone Talos; being both strong, but very slow. If the Bronze Talos receives any damage. it begins to heat up. The more damage he receives, the more he heats up. The more heat up Talos become the more pieces Talos' loses. After finally looses six pieces on it's body, Kratos can use the Talos' giant club and smash the Talos in pieces. Kratos also encouters several more inside the Labyrinth.

Stone Talos

10-Stone Talos
The Stone Talos are minor enemies in God of War III. Stone Talos are tall living Statues that wield giant hammers.

Stone Talos often hide in plain sight as statues or parts of the scenery. They only activate when there's a threat among them. They were created by the Gods for the sole purpose of killing Kratos. Taloses are known to be incredibly strong, but very slow. If Kratos weakens the Talos' armor enough, he can use their own hammer to destroy them. Kratos encounters the Stone Taloses in multiple areas. He first encounters some Taloses in the pit of Tartarus, shortly after meeting Hephaestus. Two more on Cronos and lastly in the garden of Olympus.

Elemental Talos

Elemental Talos is a group of enemies in God of War: Ascension. They appear in three types: Fire Talos, Ice Talos, and Thunder Talos. Their patterns are similar to the Stone and Bronze Talos in God of War III. They receive damage in a similar way to both the Stone and the Bronze Talos and are killed in the same fashion as the two others.

Fire Talos

Fire Talos are first Elemental Talos to be encountered. Their face and raster at their stomach glow red from the fire that burns inside them. From the moment they are activated, their hammers also start glowing red. They slam their hammers in front of their feet to make small fire explosions on the ground towards their enemies. Fire Talos can spring into the air and plummet down to earth in a ball of flames.

Ice Talos

Ice Talos are second Elemental Talos to be encountered. Their face glows blue when activate, just like their hammers. They can create an ice wave that comes out of their helmets and hits anything in front of them. As they smash their hammers in the ground, they create huge ice crystals growing out of it.

Thunder Talos

The Thunder Talos are third and last kind to be fought. Their face and hammers glow yellow. They can charge their hammers with electricity and dash them forward, electrocuting and pushing their enemies back. Their special attack is creating a thunder shield around themselves, damaging everyone who comes too close.



  • According to Greek mythology, Talos was a massive giant made out of bronze. It's only weakness was a pin in his ankle. It was used to keep his veins shut. The sorceress Medea, with the help of Jason, they were able to remove The Bronze Talos' pin, which caused Talos to bleed to death.


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