Isn't he one of the Titans?
Might be. He's big enough.
~ Hylas and Hercules as they discover Talos

Talos, based on the Titan of the same name, is a minor antagonist in the 1963 classic fantasy film Jason & the Argonauts. He is a living giant bronze statue who lives on the Isle of Bronze. He tries to kill the Argonauts because Hercules stole his one of his treasures.


Talos looks like a 70 meters tall giant, bronze soldier. He has no eyes. On the back of his heel, there is a circular door-like object with two prongs sticking out. When it was forcefully opened, there was a substance inside that kept him alive.


Talos was first seen by Hylas and Hercules on top a room, seemingly a normal statue. When they attempted to steal a brooch the size of a javelin in his room, he came after them and the other Argonauts. When they tried to escape the Isle of Bronze, Talos stood above their ship, picked it up, then destroyed it. Jason asked Hera if there was a way to defeat Talos, and she told Jason to use his wits and look for Talos' ankle. The Argonauts then fought Talos again. At the end of the battle, the back of his foot was opened, causing a substance to leak out of him. He was grabbing at his throat and became cracked and unstable. The Argonauts went away from him, as Talos could crush them by falling over. Hercules dropped his weapon while running away, but Hylas tried to retrieve it. Hylas was crushed and killed by Talos' falling body, which had had the head and arms break off, killing him.


  • Talos was a clay model animated by stop-motion.
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