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Tam Mullen is the main antagonist of the BAFTA Winning BBC comedy Still Game. He is one the series staple characters and is renowned amongst his peers for being a tight fisted, egotistical con-artist who shows rare moments of generosity and goodness.

He was portrayed by Mark Cox.


Tam is a man of short stature with short light blonde hair that is neatly kept. He usually wears a blue jacket, with various jumpers, shirts and ties and trousers. He also occasionally wears a tartan flat cap. He is also seen in a tartan scarf sometimes.


Mullen is a cheap, gambling man who is always looking for a scheme to con anyone out of their money including his friends, these can include from forcing them into giving him free belongings or buying a drink for them.

He shows his more villainous side in episodes such as Cairds when he wins the mobility scooter of disabled acquaintance Joe Douglas, in a game of poker and refuses to give it back to the point of sadistically taunting the man. In the end he was arrested for making fun of police officers he presumed to prankster actors.

In Hyper, when he already went through a short period of time with a huge personality shift after a shock caused by a toaster, however after he spills a can of lager down an electric chair his old personality comes back and he begins a rampage of thievery; however, he doesn't manage to steal anything since Jack, Victor, Winston and Navid all put him in a stock cage and took him out of the Hyderdales store which they were previously locked in overnight after a depressed Navid attempted to burn the store down due to him going out of business because of the store opening.

The next episode he shows his villainous side is in the series seven finale Down and Out, where he is willing to leave Winston to die in the Osprey Heights apartment block, which was about to be demolished after Winston was pinned under a wooden board with his false leg popping off. Winston gets him back, however, when the demolition fails and he somehow escaped from the building and knocked Tam unconscious with his false leg.

Tam has been shown to have a caring side, however, like when Jack was hospitalised in series six's One In One Out, after he suffered a heart attack while babysitting Tam's baby son, Tam. Jr. Tam feels very guilty about this and when he, Winston and Isa visit the hospital he apologizes and Jack forgives him; he then offers to buy a round of drinks at the Clansman, but Boaby the Barman refuses his money, yet Tam insisted on this.

Another example of Tam being good appears in the episode Pie, where it is revealed that despite being married, he has befriend an old widow with a lot of money. At the episode's climax, it is revealed that the woman (who has by now passed away) was the mother of an old school acquaintance of Tam's. The daughter ran over and killed Tam's boyhood pet cat with her bicycle when he was ten; he explains that he has been with the woman to convince her to change her will to leave her money to the Cat's Protection Lottery charity, and not to her daughter. However, this does not stop Tam passing the late woman's pet cat to a new owner and haggling about the price.

In the final series, Tam redeemed himself in the episode Dead Leg - Part Two when he faked his death in order to give Winston his life insurance money, so he could have an operation to fix his gangrene-infested leg and prevent him from losing it like he already lost his other leg.

Along with the other elderly characters, Tam eventually passes away during a time skip montage, last appearing running down the street to pick up a ten pence coin.


  • He is the youngest out of the 4 main protagonists in Still Game, with him being 70 years old.
  • He is also surprisingly young looking for a 70-year-old man.