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Tammy Hattley was the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI New York Crime Division, at some point, she became corrupted joined Wilson Fisk in his crusade to return to power. 


Early Life                                                                                                       

"My dad was a trucker. He mostly hauled chemical tankers. He'd bring 'em to the house overnight before heading out sometimes. And I'd have nightmares, thinking about what could happen."
―Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[

As a child, Hattley lived with her father who worked as a trucker and mostly who mostly hauled ch

SAC Hattley of the New York FBI branch

emical tankers. Sometimes, Hattley's father would bring the barrels containing the chemicals to their house. Hattley was fearful what could happen with those chemicals. Her father learned about Hattley's fears and showed her a decal on a barrel with the level of danger. Hattley's father explained to her that the chemicals were harmless since they were level four. Unfortunately, Hattley would learn years later that level four is the most lethal code and her father always hauled the most dangerous chemicals. It was there that Hattley began to understand the value of a white lie. As a young woman, Hattley married a man and together they had a daughter named Allison as well as another child. Hattley, while being a parent, joined the FBI as a field agent while being a married woman raising her children. Because of the risks of her job, she tried to explain to her daughter that being an FBI agent was highly dangerous. However, Allison was completely terrified and did not let her mother leave the house, fearing for her life. Once, she laid across the door and cried until Hattley took the day off to console her. 

Working With The Kingpin 

At some point, Hattley was promoted to special agent-in-charge of the FBI New York Crime Division. After Wilson Fisk was arrested, Hattley assigned several agents to Ryker's Island to try to get Fisk to give them any information about the New York criminal underworld. Ultimately, Fisk would turn them down. In his quest to take back New York City, Fisk ordered his subordinates outside to kill one of her children by making it resemble a hit-and-run, so Hattley was unable to prove something and connect it with Fisk. Hattley was informed that she has to work under Fisk's command to protect her family. Hattley had divorced with her husband, hoping that it will keep him safer. However, Allison stayed with her and Hattley had no choice to assist Fisk which meant that Allison couldn't alert the NYPD or Homeland Security of this matter. Later, the ambitious Special Agent Ray Nadeem asked Hattley for a promotion in the FBI. Hattley refused since Nadeem's FICO score is 557 and according to the Bureau policy, that makes Nadeem a recruitment target for the mob. Deciding to give Nadeem a chance to prove himself, Hattley sent him to Ryker's Island to try to get information from Wilson Fisk. Ray was able to "convince" Fisk to aid the FBI. With Fisk's intel, the FBI successfully assaulted the Albanian Syndicate, arresting multiple high-profile criminals. The arrest of Mother Teresa and his associates was one of the most successful FBI operations against Albanians. Hattley was visited by Ramsey and Arinori who wanted to handle Fisk's case rather than Nadeem. Hattley speaks to Nadeem about this by warning him of his FICO score which would concern the FBI management in Washington D.C. Nadeem gets upset and argues that none of this could have happened without the connection between him and Fisk and that is the only thing in his case that matters something. Hattley assigned Nadeem to work on Fisk's case, on the condition that Nadeem will keep him talking. Eventually, the FBI learned Fisk was stabbed in Ryker's Island by Jasper Evans. Nadeem, who was not part of the corruption, "persauded" Hattley to move Fisk to the Presidential Hotel for his protection. Hattley tried to convince Blake Tower to support this only for Tower to refuse since Fisk was  anotorious criminal responsible for the death of multiple NYPD officers and civilians. However, Nadeem insisted that key information provided by Fisk was too valuable to the FBI and allowed them to make progress in Albanians' case in the first time for several years. Wanting to save lives, Tower approved Fisk's relocation. Hattley assigned Nadeem, Benjamin Poindexter, and FBI SWAT to take Fisk to the hotel.

Later, after working with Daredevil, Ray Nadeem asked for a meeting with Hattley and Supervisory Agent Winn at her house. Hattley asked Allison to leave the house. Nadeem claimed that Fisk manipulated the FBI into helping him with a criminal conspiracy and it was Poindexter, whom Fisk corrupted, that attacked the New York Bulletin Building impersonating the real Daredevil, whom Winn has been pressuring the FBI to arrest for years. Winn asked for proof and then Nadeem showed him his wound, commented that he was shot by Poindexter. Winn decided to contact the FBI management in Washington to launch an internal investigation into Poindexter, Fisk and every agent manipulated by him. Nadeem vowed to take full responsibility as the agent ran Fisk's detail, and this must not fall on Hattley who did everything by the book. Nearing the end of the confession, Hattley informed Nadeem that she have to place him on administrative leave immediately. Nadeem understood and turned his sidearm and badge, promising her that he will cooperate with her and Winn. 

Hattley was well aware that Fisk wanted Winn removed for being the last clean agent who kept the others in line which is why she used Nadeem's sidearm to shoot Winn several times to make it be that Nadeem murdered Winn when it was actually her. Hattley ordered Nadeem sit down and stay still while she was handing his sidearm with Nadeem's fingerprints and Winn's recorder to Felix Manning. She then assured shocked Nadeem that now he has to work for Fisk, similar to her, Ramsey, Arinori, Rector, and several other agents. 

Returning to the headquarters with Nadeem, Hattley officially stated in front of agents that Poindexter is officially reinstated Poindexter in his position as the FBI agent. She allowed Poindexter to thank every agent at the headquarters, especially Nadeem, saying that someday he will pay him back for everything he did. Hattley then led Nadeem to the conference room where she presented him to other agents in league with Fisk: Arinori, Ramsey, Wellers, O'Connor, Johnson, and Markham. Hattley ordered her team to apprehend John Hammer, Everett Ross, Latimier Zyl, Sophia Carter, and Rosaline Carbone, all rulers of the New York criminal underworld, and take them to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant. Hattey told Nadeem that Fisk murdered her child and planned everything: for instance, Fisk manipulated Nadeem by making Nadeem's sister Saanvi lose her health coverage to make Nadeem obsessed with getting a promotion. Arriving at Fisk's suite, they faced Fisk himself in his secret room. Fisk asked Nadeem to remove his ankle monitor. Nadeem then was asked to drive Fisk and Poindexter to the restaurant to meet with arrested criminal bosses where Fisk coerced the mobsters into paying him a huge percentage of their operations in order to avoid being investigated and prosecuted by the FBI. 

Later, when Nadeem decided to testify against Fisk due to having enough of all the murders and was murdered in cold blood by Poindexter, Hattley manipulated the public, Nadeem's family, and her superiors from Washington that Nadeem murdered Winn in order to have him declared as "unstable". To ease her conscience, Hattley decided to help Nadeem's wife and son with their finances by reassuring them that they will be fully covered. Later, after the Department of Justice dropped the charges against Fisk, Hattley decided to run the FBI security routines for Fisk and Vanessa Marianna's wedding. She informed Fisk during his slow dance with Marianna that they were under attack, as several of her agents were being incapacitated by "Daredevil". During this time, Hattley saw on her phone Ray Nadeem's dying declaration, which Karen Page has uploaded online, that implicated her in the scandal. 

Later, Poindexter, dressed as Daredevil, crashed the wedding party and attempted to kill Marianna, until the real Daredevil intervened. While Hattley covered Fisk and Marianna's escape to their penthouse suite, she and several of the guards fought Poindexter while the guest attendees began to flee. After Poindexter downed the guards with various pieces of cutlery, he shot Hattley in the gut while she was down on the ground. Despite Hattley's pleas for her life, Poindexter was about to shoot only to knock her out because the gun was out of bullets. 

Later, after Kingpin and Agent Poindexter were defeated by Daredevil, the NYPD led by Brett Mahoney arrested all the FBI agents in league with Fisk, including Hattley. Realizing that Fisk could no longer harm her ex-husband and the daughter she had with her ex-husband, Hattley decided to collaborate Nadeem's dying declaration which helped Blake Tower and NYPD to take down Fisk's criminal network. Nevertheless, Tower still wanted Hattley to face jail time for murdering Winn and for helping Fisk, which Hattley agreed to. 


The public lost faith in the government as well as a result of the FBI and United States Marshal Service being in league with Fisk. Poindexter would get surgery for his broken spine and Fisk would agree to remain in prison since Daredevil vowed to expose Vanessa's role in Nadeem's murder. Years later, the FBI would be reformed with a new staff no longer corrupted as they were working to aid Tony Stark in bringing down Adrian Toomes  for his illegal arms dealing. 


Hattley started out as an agent who would do anything to protect her country, however, she would actually just do about anything to protect her family, as she was willing to murder her friend and colleague Supervisory Agent Winn under Fisk's orders only because Winn kept the Bureau in line and then manipulate the public into blaming her friend and colleage Special Agent Ray Nadeem for killing Winn. Despite working with Fisk, Hattley tried her best to protect Nadeem from Fisk by pressuring him to give into Fisk's demands indicating that Hattley felt Fisk had more power than her due to using Allison as leverage. Nevertheless, Hattley was truly remorseful for her acts as she was willing to use FBI resources to financially support Nadeem's family. Finally after Fisk was defeated by Daredevil, Hattley realized Fisk couldn't harm her family which is why she decided to collaborate Nadeem's dying testimony for when Nadeem detailed the corruption in the FBI. Similar to the public, Hattley lost faith in the system and in the government which is why she was grateful to Daredevil for defeating him.