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Get their equipment. What you're doing is illegal. You can't record me, I have diplomatic status!
~ Tan Abdullah after realising he was going to be exposed

Tan Abdullah is the main antagonist of the book Shadow Wave by Robert Muchamore. He is a Malaysian politician who is corrupt.


Tan Abdullah was originally the governor of Langwaki Island in Malaysia, and he was also the developer of a series of hotels on the island. To build the hotels, he had to throw the villagers out of their homes and demolish the villages. The villagers tried to stop him, so he had their leader Aizat arrested after he led a demonstration at the Royal Plaza hotel and the police tortured him until he confessed. Aizat was forced to confess to terrorism but was not charged because Abdullah realized the media were watching and he couldn't do anything without exposing himself, so he had Aizat put on trial for assault and deported a journalist named Helena Bayliss who tried to help him. He got promoted to national tourism minister and was made defence minister by bribing French and Malaysian officials to get a weapons contract with France. Another journalist named Hugh Verhoeven found out and tried to break the story, only for Abdullah to have his camerawoman and his researcher murdered. Verhoeven himself narrowly escaped being deported by jumping on a boat to a different country.

During the events of the book, Abdullah visited the UK to negotiate a defence contract with them. While he was at a missile demonstration, a group of people led by Bayliss and Verhoeven set up a plan to expose Abdullah for his corrupt practices. Dion Frei, a former employee of the French company, entrapped Abdullah into accepting bribes on tape and Abdullah became wanted in Malaysia for bribery. With his career ruined, Abdullah killed himself on his private plane.


  • Despite being a corrupt torturer and murderer, Abdullah may not be Pure Evil as he does appear to care about his family.
    • However, Abdullah's son Tan Junior tells a story about how one of his sisters was kidnapped and Abdullah told the kidnappers to keep her because they asked for too much money.
      • Tan Junior also says that his father only buys him things because he starts smashing things if his father says no.
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