Tanamashu is the main antagonist of Disney's 1966 live action film Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN, which is based on the 1719 English novel Robinson Crusoe by the late Daniel Defoe. He is the tyrannical father of Wednesday who plans to sacrifice her and her sisters to Kaboona.

He was portrayed by the late Akim Tamiroff.


Tanamashu is a cruel, tyrannical, abusive and greedy man who abuses his daughters and wants to sacrifice Wednesday since she cannot marry. After Crusoe defeats Tanamashu, they become friends, making Wednesday want to marry Crusoe until his rejection when Tanamashu lies to her.


After Crusoe meets Wednesday, she recounts that due her unwillingness to marry, her chieftain father, Tanamashu, sentenced her to banishment and possibly death for refusing to marry someone. Crusoe informs her that she should stand up to her father, because women have rights (though getting to use their own names apparently is not one of them). Wednesday gets excited that she has rights, and brings all her sisters and cousins to the island to make a stand against her father.

When Tanamashu finally shows up, Crusoe comes up with a crafty plan to defeat him that involves using a loudspeaker and various other pieces of modern technology to talk out of Kaboona while pretending to be god, culminating in the destruction of the statue.

After Crusoe defeats Tanamashu, everyone concedes that women have rights. But when Crusoe makes it known that he does not wish to marry Wednesday, he is forced to flee to avoid her wrath. Pursued by Wednesday and her sisters, Crusoe is spotted by a U.S. Navy helicopter and he and Floyd narrowly escape with their lives.


  • Despite being the main antagonist, he only appeared in the climax and had only around 23 minutes of screen-time.


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