Tantrum was the Bang Baby alter-ego of Thomas Kim in the Static Shock series. He was an intelligent student who goes into a rampage when angered. He is a resemblance of the Marvel character The Hulk.

He was voiced by John Cho.


With his father expecting perfection from him, Thomas was a brilliant student at Dakota Union High. At one point, he was unknowingly contaminated by the Quatum Vapor gas during the Big Bang.

When he gets angry, he turns into a purple skinned monster who seeks revenge. He first targetted his teacher Miss Pettibone when she gave Thomas a 99% on a written test instead of a perfect score because of one error. Tantrum attacked the teacher after school but was stopped by Static.Thinking Static to be gone, Tantrum left the crime scene.

The next day, Richie found Thomas' essay at the scene and wanted to see Thomas with Virgil  to investigate and return his paper. Thomas kicked his two classmates out and slowly transformed into the Tantrum. He later attack Virgil and Richie at the Hawkins house. As Static, Virgil lures him to an abandoned amusement park. Static reasoned with the Tantrum and Thomas returned. Knowing his condition, his parents took better care of him.

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