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Tantrum is a minor antagonist in the Transformers franchise, especially Generation One.

He was voiced by the late Philip L. Clarke, who also voiced Dead End and Primacron.



Tantrum, like the other Predacons, debuted in the five-part third season opener "Five Faces of Darkness". He was seen among the Decepticons on Chaar before he was sent to prevent Blurr and Wheelie delivering Metroplex's transformation cog to Earth. The Predacons were interrupted by Sky Lynx and defeated despite forming Predaking.

He continued to serve with Galvatron's troops, guarding his death ray crystals in "Chaos". In "Nightmare Planet", he was among those transported to a new realm by the Quintessons and forced to reluctant team up with the Autobots. He was also among the animal-based Transformers abducted by Primacron in "Call of the Primitives".

He made his last appearance in "The Return of Optimus Prime" among the Decepticons infected with the Hate Plague.


Tantrum and the Predacons first appeared in the Marvel UK story "Prey" where they were hired by Megatron to help him hunt Optimus Prime. In reality, they were acting under orders from Shockwave and abandoned Megatron mid-battle. They served a similar role in their first Marvel US appearance in Issue #25, where Shockwave had them pose as Autobots to attack Megatron.

Serving under first Shockwave and then Ratbat on Earth, Tantrum and the other Predacons ended up battling the Dinobots in the Marvel UK story "Grudge Match", with Tantrum fighting Slag. In US Issue #37, they accompanied Ratbat in his attempt to capture or destroy the Throttlebots, whose brain modules had been placed inside toy cars, after carrying out several raids on the now largely Autobot-less Earth.

During the Underbase Saga, Tantrum took part in the brief battle with Scorponok's Decepticons, fighting Scorponok himself and being torn in half. He was soon repaired to be part of the Autobot-Decepticon alliance against the Underbase-powered Starscream and was among those deactivated by him.

In Marvel UK's Earthforce strips, Tantrum was active again, being present in "The Bad Guys' Ball" for the enclave between Megatron and Shockwave's troops. After the two factions were united under Soundwave and Starscream's joint command, Tantrum took part in a large-scale attack on the Autobot base.


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